Come Hell or High Water…

Come Hell or High Water…

This statement seems more than aptly true today. I woke up this morning to my smoke detector’s high pitched warning that my batteries were getting low. Of course I had to get up, there is no sleeping through that noise every ten minutes. I noticed as I looked out the window, it was fairly windy. I turned on the news to a wind warning and possible ferry cancellations.


If you have been following me for more than about two weeks, you will know I have been looking forward to the Keith Urban concert for about 8 months now.

It is tonight.

Now there is no chance in hell I am going to miss this concert. So I left early, like three hours early.

The drive down was mostly horrific, the wind blew ninety most of the way. I drove faster, you notice it less when you out run it. The rain was torrential to the point of me sometimes just hanging on and going straight, cause I know the road so well I could drive it backwards with my eyes closed in a monsoon. Ya, not that I really want to do that.

I made it to the terminal with plenty of time to spare and all was well with the boat still sailing.

As I now sit on the ferry, we are pulling away from the dock.

The ferry is packed, with at least half of the boat being women in cowboy hats.

I am thinking I am not alone in my road trip to the concert.

It is rough, like people are gonna throw up all around me rough. We aren’t even out of Departure bay yet.

The trip will be long I am thinking. If it wasn’t throw you around the Ferry rough, I would just go sit in my truck. But the absolute last place you want to be on this old tank is on the bottom floor, entombed in your Dodge Ram without a life jacket right? Well that might just be me, but I am picking staying above deck with every one else.

Surprisingly enough they don’t have the puke bags out yet, I guess that is a good sign. When I came back from my parents one time on the Comox ferry, they had them on every seat.

As I typed that, we have had the spoken warning that due to the inclement weather conditions all passengers are asked to remain seated for the duration of the trip. And stay off the outside decks.

Ya fucking think?

I have a feeling the fun is barely starting…the wind in Vancouver is apparently crazy, 5800 people are without power, and roads are flooding. I still have to go to Maple Ridge and then back into Vancouver again.

The kid beside me, keeps saying OUT LOUD, that we won’t be able to make it. It’s unacceptable to tell other peoples kids to stop talking, right?

He has obviously never met me, cause seriously, if they told me they were turning this boat around, I would find my way to the Helm or whatever the hell you call it and drive this bitch myself…

Hell or high water…meet Donna.

Ok, I should go, its super rough and the poor girl sitting beside me is having a jammer, I will update more later….

Cheers kids…

12 thoughts on “Come Hell or High Water…

  1. HoaiPhai

    The best place on a ferry in that kind of weather IS outside and on deck… that way you can just barf into the drink.

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