My truck is filthy…

My truck is filthy…

Nothing new.

My truck was filthy yesterday, and the day before that and the week  before that.

For some reason I feel guilty when my truck is dirty. I have no idea why. I am usually the only one in my truck that cares about it’s cleanliness.

Today that all changed, I am over the guilt.

Because you know what? The world isn’t gonna end because there is dirt on the floor.

My children won’t love me less.

I won’t lose my job because of it.

My dog doesn’t care if his hair is all over the place.

He knows he belongs.

So today, instead of worrying about it anymore, I have decided that it is just ok.

The dirt isn’t going anywhere.

My quality of life won’t improve once it’s gone, nor will it diminish while it is there.

So instead of vacuuming it up, I am gonna make cookies.

Really good cookies.

Cookies that will make Colton smile when he walks in the door after school and smells them baking.

THAT is what life is all about.

Living it…

Making the people that you have around you smile as much as you can.

I haven’t really felt like I have been doing that enough lately.

I don’t always have control of the things that go on around me.

But today, and this…

I do.

So my truck is filthy, it was yesterday, and it’s gonna be tomorrow…

And ya know what, it’s going to make me smile now, instead of making me feel guilty.

Because maybe, just maybe, that dirt in my truck has taught me a valuable life lesson.

Think about it next time you are feeling guilty for something trivial that you haven’t gotten done.

It will always be there tomorrow to do, but life passes us by way too quickly to miss out on the good stuff…

Like Peanut butter cookies and teenaged smiles…

Live it hard my friends, cause it’s way too short to worry about the little things …


15 thoughts on “My truck is filthy…

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  2. HoaiPhai

    trucks are supposed to be filthy! Clean trucks anger me…they look like they're owned by accountants who were deprived of Tnka trucks when they were kids who buy them and do as much off-roading or hauling as the guy next door in his SmartCar.

  3. Mom--Betty Holland

    Last I heard you were making apple pie and had dumped a cup of flour in instead of sugar, how come the big switch to yum peanut butter cookies. Guess I just answered my own question, DUH!!!!!  You rock Donna, Love you. Your Mom

  4. SpilledInkGuy

    Not to mention if you wash your truck it will probably just start to rain, anyway.
    That's how it usually seems to work, anyway.

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