Subscription help!!

Subscription help!!

Happy Friday my lovelies…I have had a few people telling me that they are having subscription issues with the new site. I am working on getting all the bugs out and appreciate your patience while I get it going.

Here are a couple of different ways to subscribe that I hope will make it easier if you aren’t getting updates.

If you are having trouble you can always leave a comment and I will try and help out anyway I can :)

1. You can copy and paste the address to the new site and put it in your wordpress reader.

Click on the Me button at the top of your dashboard.
Go to Reader
Go to the tab that says following
When it loads you will see a tab that says Edit list on the top beside the word Following
in the box copy this link
Click follow
Done, it will show up whenever I post a blog even though I am not on anymore :)
I hope this helps,I am still working on getting the bugs out, so all your imput is really appreciated!!

To Subscribe by email, just click on the Orange RSS Subscribe button in the top right hand corner, there is a drop down box, go to the subscribe by email and enter your email address. You will then get an email verifying that you did indeed subscribe make sure you open the Verify email that will follow signing up.

That’s it!! Let me know if you need more help!!

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