Welcome home…

Welcome home…

I want to welcome you all to the new site, I promise I will start posting regularly again now, as well as getting back to reading.

I am not going to lie, I was pretty worried about doing this, but I think I needed to just take the plunge and jump out of my comfort zone a little. I am not very good at that, I get set in my ways and comfortable with what is going on and I will make a thousand excuses why I don’t need to move forward in my life.

This was one of those times. I am building a blog for a friend of mine, Michelle at Rawfitnessbc.com, that is how it started. I am totally unsure of what I was doing, it was trial by error.

I decided the only way to get it happening, was to do my own blog first, I have got a pretty good feel for it now, and I know more about what we will need to make her site what she wants it to be.

I can honestly say, that two weeks ago when I started this, I had no idea. None.

I am not a virgin when it comes to the internet. I built my own Mustang website from scratch about 10 years ago, and a few years ago shut it down, so I have the html knowledge (well a little bit anyways).

Self hosted WordPress pretty much means just that, you are on your own baby…

It is all doable, but at first it is totally overwhelming.

It took alot of time to find the plugins that I wanted, I still have some to add on, and I have yet to figure out how to add my subscription list for all your blogs to the new site, so for now, I just have a link on my browser to take me there, but it is an option I loved…

So for now, this is what I have come up with…please, if anything isn’t working please let me know.

Wanna take the plunge yourself?? Bluehost has a special on right now with free domain name and it cost me about $80 to sign up for a year…pretty good deal for all the customization you can handle :)

I will hopefully be back to regular posting by Monday if all goes well, thanks for your patience and your help with the emails this morning!!

Enjoy my friends…and don’t forget to resubscribe!!!!


30 thoughts on “Welcome home…

  1. Elba Bowman

    I’m close to taking the plunge myself, just need to find time to get it all started! Congratulations on the blog move Donna!

  2. Brown Road Chronicle

    Looks great! I can't tell if this tells you who I am, I just see this shadowy figure to the left of the comments field. This is Steve @BRChronicles. Anyway, nice work. What are the benefits of being self-hosted like this??

    1. Redneck Princess

      :) I knew it was you ….thanks Steve!! I am still trying to figure out the benefits, the obvious one so far is that you can customize absolutely everything…I will let you know as I go…

  3. Dave Farmer

    Looks really cool! I've already resubscribed. I have so many questions about how you did it, but I'll leave them until you're settled in. I'm close to taking the plunge myself, just need to find time to get it all started!

    Congrats on the move. Awesome sauce!

  4. PiP

    Hi RNP,

    Looks great – well done! Interesting you have survived the process as I have been thinking about creating a new self-hosted wordpress blog. I may be after some tips!

    one question,

    will we have to complete the three questions, name. website and email address everytime we leave a comment or will it recognise our IP automatically.


  5. Cecelia Futch

    this is looking good! I'm impressed. I'll keep watching to see how this goes as I'm considering making a move myself sometime in the future. Good luck (I've already resubscribed.)

  6. michelle

    Looks great Donna!

    I'm Donna's friend at rawfitnessbc, and I'm happy to be working with you (her)! I'm happy Donna that you decided to take the plunge and "get out of your comfort zone"!

    I hightly recommend you hire Donna with your blog! She is enthusiastic and determined to get it done right! I really enjoy working with her and yes we are at a distance and it can be done! You can say hers and mine blog are the trials but well worth it :)

    Thank-you Donna! Here we go……

  7. Megan

    Love it Donna! Looks great! Can't wait to check it out some more on pc. Couldn't figure out subscription from my phone. Good for you for getting 'er done… I may need your help when I get to a point when I am more ready to launch a site for my crafty stuff! Sure would be nice if we lived closer though … ;) congratulations on the the beautiful new home you created!!!

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