The Castle update…

The Castle update…

I thought maybe I should check in with the latest goings on…

I have a new roof, oh yes I do. The boys were awesome, they were here from 9am until 9pm last night. That is some serious roofing. They worked their asses off. They got it finished off this morning. I now have a lovely new brown roof. It makes me long for spring so I can paint the outside of the house. I can’t wait to get the lovely Christmas tree green OFF of the window sills. I am thinking a very cool brick red would be awesome :)

I did some Photoshop butchering…this could work though I am thinking it will be a bit darker than that :)

So we are warm and dry, and I am looking forward to the winter off, I have 5, yes 5 days left of work. This time of year is always a little bittersweet, I look forward to it, but at the same time, I miss going to work everyday. I really do love my job :)

I have been lining up jobs in my head that I want to get done in the house, there are a couple of diy projects in the bathroom I want to do. The floor is the first thing. I hate the crappy lino tile in there, I want to take it off and put new stuff down. I don’t know if anyone was around way back in the beginning of my blogging adventures, but I tiled my basement floor after the hot water tank blew up, for under a hundred bucks, for the whole story check out getting it laid. I bought the tile at the dollar store, no kidding. It still looks awesome. So I am thinking about doing that in the bathroom as well. I also want to sand and antique the cabinets in the bathroom, that won’t take long though, and will make a huge difference in how it looks.

I am also on the look out for a double bed to get the guest room all spruced up for Christmastime…my whole family (including the wee prince!!!) are coming to my house!! I am so excited!! It has been forever since my family has been to my place for Christmas.

And then there is the nightmare that is my garage right now, ugh. I need Ty Pennington to come and do me, I mean my garage. I would LOVE to rip it right off my house, if I had anywhere else to store Jezebelle…but for now, I will just try to cool it up a little and make it a little less obnoxious. The roofers are sure that I should reinforce the whole thing and then make a kick ass porch off the top of it. It could definitely be done I suppose, probably without a HUGE cost…I will have to research it more.

So for now, I am nesting in, and being grateful for a nice new roof, good drains and lots of newly stacked firewood. Life is very good and all the subjects around the castle seem to be happy and content with the choice to stay :)

Oh I nearly forgot, my Real Estate Agent Anita sent me a text today and told me that the people that looked at the house loved the upstairs and the yard, not sure about the basement and the area…

I am not really sure what that means, my basement is awesome now, as the whole thing has been redone, and the area is pretty damn cool…

So that’s it for today, I will post some pictures tomorrow of the pumpkin contest we are having at work, it always gets me in the mood for Halloween…and really before we know it, Christmas will be done and I will nearly be back at work again…time flies when you are having fun, doesn’t it?

Happy Saturday folks xoxo

12 thoughts on “The Castle update…

  1. Surrey Gal

    If you don't go to work, do they still pay you?
    The house is awesome!!! And good luck with selling the old house. :)

    1. Redneck Princess

      Hahahah, my boss laughed when I told him that :) No we apply for Employment Insurance, you get 60% of your wage. I am off til February…and that pic IS my old house, I am not selling it now, I am staying put :)

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