Flaming Hell…

Flaming Hell…

Ok, so I am minding my own business…

Getting on with my new life.

Then the Universe decides what??? I am giving in too easily? It is bored with me succumbing to fate? It doesn’t want me to linger here and be happy??

I don’t really know.

But tonight I got a text from my real estate agent.


About my house.

Not just ONE person wants to look at it, but possibly two.

What. the. hell?

It is off the market. I am staying. Right? This morning I was good with that…I still am.

So I called my parents, because they are always my voice of reason, they didn’t let me down.

My Dad said to write a list, 10 good things about living here, and ten bad.

I had a nap, thought about it and then started my list. I came up with ten reasons that are good, in no time, I could only come up with two valid bad things. Sweet. That tells me that staying here is the right choice.

I am also no dummy. I know it is just a house, and as much as I love it, if I can make a good dollar on it, I can downsize and move on to a different house, even though that doesn’t really feel like the path I am supposed to be following on right now.

But who knows, maybe I haven’t got a fucking clue what I am supposed to be doing, and I just think I do, stranger things have happened.

So I text Anita back…

If these people are gonna come over at 9:45 on my day off…they better be serious about buying this house. I am now asking for 11,000 more with the roof fixed.

If they are serious and still want it, I will show it, otherwise I am seriously not interested. I would rather lounge around my house in my pajama’s til noon…cause I can.

And you know what?? I am not even gonna clean up…it is what it is right now, I am comfortable, happy, and a little bit messy. Take it or leave it…I am not going out of my way.

Maybe there will be a bidding war, maybe they will both want it. Now that would be the ultimate in irony wouldn’t it?  Until then I am happy to be here for however long it ends up being…

Happy Tuesday friends…xoxox

18 thoughts on “Flaming Hell…

  1. Pigletinportugal

    I always had the impression you loved your house but did not like living
    on an island. To be honest soetimes we dont know what we want. When we
    were in the UK last week I wnet to an old house of ours where the
    children grew up. Looking back we were really happy there and I wish we
    had stayed. Perhaps if we had I would not have endd up in Portugal. :(

  2. ceceliafutch

    That is the way of the universe, isn't it. We struggle so hard to get what we want and it seems beyond our grasp. We let go, learn to be thankful for what we have, and suddenly the door opens. It appears to me that you win either way this goes. You've come to terms with the house, and are comfortable in it. You have also described another, smaller more manageable house you could feel at home in. Either way, you win. Either of your choices are good ones. Good luck with your decision. 

  3. JB

    For what it's worth… Everyone has the right intentions on giving you advice on what to do. But the only advice that will count in the end is the advice your heart and soul gives you. A house is a place to live in and a home is where your hart is. 
    You'll take the right decision and the worst thing that can happen is you fall flat on your face, then you'll have to stand up again and continue.

    At least you don't have to smack yourself over the head with a dead tuna asking yourself "If I only had done this or that then…". Know what I mean?

    // Jan (tying NOT to make any typo's…) :)

  4. Bren @ Four-Legged M

    Geeze, that's just the way things happen on my end. Just when I get comfortable with a decision, something gets thrown in that peeks my interest. I'm sure you'll do what is right, if need be. After reading all your posts about this real estate escapade, I almost feel you are destined to stay in your current home. Just imo, take it for what it's worth. Good luck hon!

  5. SpilledInkGuy

    Isn't that the way of things!?
    Just when something seems resolved… *boom*!
    I hope you don't have to stress out too much over this, RNP (although I get the feeling that is much easier said than done)!

  6. Dave Farmer

    There's a TV advert here in the UK for a skincare product, can't remember which one, but the tag line is "love the skin you're in" and I reckon that stretches to other aspects of your life. Love the home you're in, wherever that may be.

    1. HoaiPhai

      Yeah! We have the same thing here in Canada, maybe it's a Commonwealth thing, and I can't thing of the brand, either. It's strange how watching a woman spread slippery oils all over her skin can make a man forget the brand the company paid millions to produce a commercial to make a woman remember!

  7. Separated Dad

    Be comfortable with staying if you're coming to terms with that.

    BUT…you put it on the market for a reason — the option to be somewhere else.

    Prep the house and show it. You can always refuse an offer if it's too low. But don't miss the opportunity. Maybe the Universe is sending you a message…

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