Internet dating advice for girls…

Internet dating advice for girls…

Ok, all is fair in love and war, I figured it should go both ways and the girls should get some advice too right?

So here we go!! Girls these are the things NOT TO DO in your profile.

1. Put pictures of yourself 15 years ago as your profile picture, especially if you have, a) Cut all of your hair off since said picture.  b) Gained ANY weight and you think it will be better if he doesn’t know right away. c) Aged badly or at least way more than the picture…it’s only fair, just saying.

2. Use the saying Live, Love, Laugh…apparently it make guys want to puke.

3. Be a crazy bitch in the absolute first email you send a guy.

4. Wear 16 year old clothes in your pictures when you are in your 50’s or even in your real life for that matter…it is just wrong.

5. Show your tits…let’s have a bit of class ladies.

6. French your dog in your profile picture…WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?

7. When you take a picture with your web cam…maybe, just maybe, clean up whatever is behind you on the floor first…just saying.

8. Spell the town you live in properly. Sun Shine Coast IS NOT THREE WORDS!!!

9. Use incorrect or NO punctuation…did any of you go to school??? Anyone?

10. Gum boots are NOT sexy, I don’t give a fuck where you live.

11. Please don’t use any of these as your tag line:

“my beast friend”

New Year New Love” when it’s almost November

lokking for friends

The things that matter may be small…

anything” oh girl, you are asking for it.

brave it lol….

12. Let your friends write a profile like this:

Just ask me.just a good lady. I work hard.I have cats . I. do have cats. I em love sole full, musici, singer,i do kerryokey every weekend. Like a littol wine once and a whle love to joke around and have fun in life.i want to go for a proper date . I love it where I live. If you don’t dress desent and act desent don’t contat me . .hay let’s have fun.,lets be frends and go from their.pic just up dated jun 20 2011 looking for hiKing frends

13. But make sure to ask good questions, like this:

“Why do men post pictures of their dogs?” why do they?? Girls do it too.

14. A good tag line is key, give it back to them girls…

“Man wanted….send pic of truck.”

15.  Leave your profile online and say you are out of the pond…girlfriend if you have hooked up, delete it right off, no one cares.

Be sure to check out the featured video for today, for once it actually has something to do with the blog post :) and it’s freaking funny!!!

I hope this helps out, happy fishing folks!!!

25 thoughts on “Internet dating advice for girls…

  1. Beth

    I was drinking while reading this post.  Bad idea.  My computer has just been snarfed on.  Thanks for the laugh!

    I lost you for awhile.  Glad to find you again!

  2. Beth

    I was drinking while reading this post.  Bad idea.  My computer has officially been snarfed on.  Thanks for the laugh!

    I missed you – glad to find you again.

  3. HoaiPhai

    What's unclassy about tits? The Queen's got 'em, some Governors General's got 'em, the American First Ladies' got 'em, and Dolly Parton's really got 'em. And not only that but most of the guys on the dating sites got 'em, too.

    1. Redneck Princess

      :) nothing unclassy but COME ON. I have seriously met one guy on there that has been my friend for about 4 years now, and the guy with the last comment on my boys blog, seems to be pretty freaking cool, he has a wicked sense of humor :)

      1. HoaiPhai

        Truth be told, I don't understand why people do stuff like that. I mean if it doesn't attract your target audience in an alley behind a bar, is it really going to find you the man of your dreams on the net?

        I'm actually surprised no dating site has incorporated it into their way of doing things… imagine a dating site called Mardi Gras where a guy can send a bunch of electronic beads to a woman (sort of like a "poke" on Facebook) and then she'll send him a photo of her upper frontals.

        Perhaps it's best if the people who french their dogs, flash their boobs, and act like bozos on the dating sites just continue to do what they do so as not to get normal people looking for a girl they can take home one day to meet Mom roped into a false perception of decency in the people they try to hook up with!

  4. Sandi

    OMG- have you missed me?  I couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting your posts and I haven't been really involved too much and just trying to get back into the swing.  And now I recall, you changed sites…and damn if I didn't have to figure out how to sign up.

    I also was behind on the whole "break-up" until one day on FB.  I don't know if I should say "sorry" or "congratulations?"

    SO,  I can't really comment on this post since I'm not single and know anything about these kind of sites.  I'll take your word as I assume there are a lot of freaks on those things.


    Sandi http://www.ahhsome.wordpress.comLake Forest, CA USA

    1. Redneck Princess

      I totally did miss you, so glad you found me again!!!

      As for the break up, it is good and sad at same time, it just wasn't working out for me. No one is right or wrong.

      Hahahah…there are a lot of freaks for sure, but maybe one or two with a half a brain, we shall see, as the research continues…

      1. Lauren

        I am so glad you answered about what gum boots are. I was totally agreeing with you in this article, then I got to “gum boots”. And then my imagination went in full force and I had a panic attack because I thought girls were wrapping themselves in gum on dating sites!

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