Nearly dead, but damn straight excited!!!

Nearly dead, but damn straight excited!!!

I have spent the day on the couch…with the cold from hell. AGAIN.

I am pretty sick of getting my ass knocked down by these damn bugs. I try to remember my vitamins…it’s random. I suck at taking pills.

I try to eat right, and most of the time I do.

I am thinking it is a stress thing, where I am letting myself get run down a little, not drinking enough water and ginger tea. The last few months have been a little stressful for sure.

Between becoming single again, my roof spewing in on me and finishing up work, I have had stuff going on.

But today, after I spent the whole day on the couch drinking tea and sleeping, I finally came online…to find the most fabulous email EVER!!!

My post The end of the Easy Bake Oven is being featured in the food section of Blogher, the post will be up at about 9 am Pacific time tomorrow. It will also be featured in the What’s Hot Section on the very front page… Seriously beyond awesome!!! If you aren’t familiar with Blogher, it is a site that promotes Women who blog. I am still a wee bit overwhelmed with the whole site, as there are some amazing women bloggers on there, and sooo much to see.

I am more than honored that they have picked my crazy little post out of the thousands of posts they have to choose from…what a great end to a rather pathetic sleepy day…

The Universe never ceases to amaze me…

Happy Tuesday my friends…

23 thoughts on “Nearly dead, but damn straight excited!!!

  1. Barb Taylor

    Hey, congrats to you Donna! That news was just what you needed . . . hope you are feeling better today.

  2. mairetx49

    Congratulations! Your post on the Easy Bake Oven was good. I'm glad it got the recognition it deserved. And I'm sorry your feeling under the weather. Feel better soon.

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