Technology is winning…

Technology is winning…

Sometimes I should just leave crap well enough alone. When am I going to learn that?? No clue.

Maybe I shouldn’t try to fix anything on days that are this close to the full moon…

So I was talking to my friend Janis from Hortophile~My New Garden and she was asking me if I was on Technorati… I am.

I am on everything. If I can link to it and it will push my blog on you, I am there baby. So I realized I hadn’t been on there in forever, and maybe I should go and check out my info and make sure it was up to date.

But first you have to log on. Right.

Email address and usual password. Wrong.

Usual username and usual password. Wrong.

The other username and usual password. Wrong.

All of the above and a different password…WRONG.

GAH. I have of course not put the information in my password keeper on my phone, like I have everything else.

So I go to send new password. I do it. I get the email and paste in the ridiculous new password and use my email address. Wrong.

I try the other two usernames. Wrong.

Now I have nearly had enough. So chancing it may have the answer I click on the little almost invisible fucking help button in the top corner of the page.

Ding. Ding. Ding.

They tell you in this pertinent information, that your username is HIDDEN in the title of the email they have just sent you. SWEET.

I enter the now known username and the ridiculous password they have given me, which I have already tried to use once…Wrong.

OH MY GOD. I reclick on the send me a new password button, because apparently you can only use it once and it goes to cyberspace never to be seen or heard from again…

I then use my now known username and the stupid new password…Success…


Now, I am having a nightmare time getting the fucking site to find the stupid letters that I have posted in a blog that people will read and think I was drunk typing…

Fucking awesome.

And then FINALLY…when I had given up all hope or even remembered why it mattered so much, or seriously at ALL, I get this email…

“This is an automatically-generated email. Thank you for submitting your blog claim on Technorati.
We have successfully crawled your blog and found the claim token, and your claim is now awaiting review.”

Well thank you very damn much. It only took you all day and twenty tries to get it right, or wait…maybe that was just me.

I have no idea at this point, I really don’t. I seriously don’t even think anyone from there even looks at my wee curse-filled blog about life…

I am not even sure it even matters at this point, all I know is I won in the end, I will work on something that annoying all night until I get it right if I have to, but it’s only 11, it could have been way worse.

I even have time to go see if there is something else I can screw up before bed…

Happy Wednesday everyone….

14 thoughts on “Technology is winning…

  1. HoaiPhai

    You should simplify all your login data like I have. Now everything from my blog to eBay to PayPal to my on-line banking and ATM PINs are the same…
    Username: 1
    Password: 2

    *oh, cripes… now everyone knows*

  2. Megan Faith

    Passwords and username combos are gonna be the death of me.  I once had a list of them all…. it was my bible.  Don't ya know I lost the whole f'n thing and had to reset all my passwords, which apparently some of the sites had change their requirements or something so they all became incredibly different and hard to remember.  Some need caps, lower, a number and a symbol some want only lowercase…. it's all a bunch of happy horseshit.  Of course after I got all of them changed guess what I found?!?  Yep.  my list of all my passwords and usernames.  Go. frickin. figure.

  3. JB

    Woooot. You got it done in the end. All that counts. Oh well. And, like you said, for someone with the right sense of humor and standing not to close to you to be hit by flying laptops, cells etc, it has good entertainment value. I could watch someone do that for hours.. lol.

    // Jan

  4. PissyKittysLitterBox

    I can't even tell you how much I fucking laughed through this whole damn thing. Why? Well other than the fact that your use of words and description is beyond colorful, it has to do with the post I wrote today. You just validated every reason I have for giving a shit less how much traffic my blog gets anymore, and why I don't bother to invest my time in all the 'technical' shit I don't understand anyway, linking, pasting, etc. Just cracked me the hell up reading this. I could relate to everything you were saying. It just sucks getting 'sucked' in, doesn't it? 
    "Step away from the computer. Come on, you can do it. Just push your chair gently away, rise from your seat, and back up slowly without looking behind you. Don't pull your eyes away from the screen until you're at a safe distance, lest it reach out and grab you while you're not looking. When you've escaped the pull of gravity, turn around and run towards the bathroom. RUN FAST! Now lock that door, soak in Calgon bath, and don't come out until you remember what life was like before you were the Redneck Princess, kay?"
    It, other things, and people, only have the power you give them. ;)  Love ya.

    1. Redneck Princess

      Heheheheeh…I have always been the Redneck Princess :) And I am totally a tech junkie, I will own it!! I love the challenge of trying to figure it all out and make it work, it makes for funny blog fodder a lot of the time :)

      And amen to the last sentence sister…love you right back :)

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