Crafty…Handmade Signs

Crafty…Handmade Signs

On Wednesday, although my second hand store shopping fell short, by alot…I found the coolest thing at the Dollar Store, I actually went for stove burner covers and got totally sidetracked, go figure…but I found THIS for a buck. That’s right $1…I have seen them cost as much as $35. That is why I have never bought anything like it before. In case you don’t know what this is, it is a sticker that is super easy to apply to your wall, I LOVE how it looks above the window in my room!

And then today I woke up and felt like building stuff…

You see, I tend to do things while I sleep.

I mean like in my head, not for real, though that would be one kick ass way to get your house cleaned up wouldn’t it? Even though it would freak the kids out if I came in their rooms vacuuming away at three in the morning…

It started out harmless enough…

A few months ago when I was at the beach I found some super cool pieces of wood that I had planned on making signs out of. Today that was my plan. The first one I made a while ago, I used paint to do the stenciling. It was a total gong show. I am not good with paint at the best of times, first mistake was that I used Dylan’s paint, that had been out in the carport being cold, and then it slimed under the cheap stencils, second mistake, don’t be a cheapskate..I finished it, but it was frustrating. It also didn’t have quite the effect that the original one that I got the idea from did…so I will keep working on it to get it right, I just need the right piece of wood…

So today, I decided that I was going to change my tactics. I still have the cheap stencils, but I am going to be smart, and use a Sharpie, and a super huge black felt pen…Sometimes I even amaze myself…because, ya, I came up with that brilliant thought while I was sleeping. Not kidding.

So the first sign I did is kinda cute, I want to put it in the spare bedroom downstairs, I tried to decorate in there a bit today, but stopped before I started screwing things into the wall. I just wasn’t feeling it.

I think it turned out pretty good, other than I have no idea how I am going to mount it on the wall, it is an inch thick. I was just going to rest it on a shelf. I just need a shelf… :)

The next one is for my kitchen…I LOVE this one, it is so true, especially in my house :)

Cool huh? I think it turned out pretty good using the Sharpie, even though I was leary at first.

I was going to carry on and see if I could get the bedroom finished off, but things started running amok, and I started hurting myself…I know when to stop :)

So that was my day today, I am right now waiting for my tortilla’s to thaw out, I am going to make homemade Dorito’s…yep, you heard me…and on Monday I will share with you how they turned out :)

Hopefully I don’t burn the house down!!!

Happy Thursday friends…

14 thoughts on “Crafty…Handmade Signs

  1. HoaiPhai

    The closest I've come to making something like that was the time I was expecting a lens to be delivered so I wrote on a post-it "Dear UPS…I'm in the bathroom! Please knock and I'll be down in under 30 seconds. Please don't leave!"

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