Where does the time go???

Where does the time go???

Today is my youngest son Colton’s 16th birthday. I have no idea where that 16 years went. I have no idea how he got a foot taller than me. I have no idea how he turned into a man in the blink of an eye.

He is my baby, I know that drives him crazy, I worry about him the most…I mother him the most. He rolls his eyes at me the most of all my children.

It’s ok. I don’t mind…

I hang onto that, I will take what I can get in the time I have left while he is here living with me.

He is a great kid, he is thoughtful, kind, funny and helpful. He stays out of trouble…

He is like my brother in many ways, I am thankful for that blessing every day.

So while I sit here crying Mommy tears…my heart full of love for my family and for the joys that all of my kids have brought me…

I want to wish my baby a Happy 16th birthday.

I have been blessed to be your Mom, and I love you so much more than I can ever say out loud…

Happy Birthday Colton…xoxoxo

22 thoughts on “Where does the time go???

  1. Barb Taylor

    Sons are like that – rolling the eyes when we get mushy over them; Colton is lucky to have you as a mom. 
    Happy Birthday Colton! xx

  2. PissyKitty

    Oh, I loved that! Hey, tell him to cut you a little slack on the 'he's your baby' thing. Coddling is a sign of devotion. Besides, it could be worse. I have no problem bringing up to mine that I carried him and had difficulty pulling him off the tit, so therefore I rule. Embarrasses him every time. ;)
    Now….what is going on with the blog??? I can't seem to subscribe and get you to show up on my 'blogs I follow' list. WTF? You girls need to quit changing things. You know Pissy is technically challenged, dammit!

  3. JB

    Personal moments. Makes you think… I'm 53 and my dad still thinks I'm his little boy. I was the first born. My three boys are 24, 20 and 18, How will their kids see their kids when they have them and they get older. It's just history repeating itself. It has been like that for ever and forever to come.

    From me to him: Happy Birthday Colton!

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