One year Blogoversary…

One year Blogoversary…

Well it has been one year today since I joined up with WordPress and started spewing forth the crap you read everyday. I am so glad that I started to do this as a serious part of my daily routine.

I have met some freaking amazing people online in the blogging community, which is why I moved to WordPress in the first place, I had a blog on Blogspot for a long time before but never found the sense of community I was looking for there.

I want to thank each and every single one of you that read what I write, for being a part of that. It has helped me through some crazy times and made me laugh when I thought nothing could. That is a huge gift. You are all spectacular!!!

So for the big anniversary, I want to post the blog posts that I am most proud of, and that maybe you missed reading.

Thank you all again for being here and hanging with me…you really all do make a huge difference in my life!!!

The End of the Easy Bake Oven ~ Mostly because it got over 6,000 hits on Blogher…that was freaking AWESOME!!

Dear Menopause…we need to talk!! ~ Do I really need to explain?

Never let your Dad babysit your Mustang… ~ It will help you understand why I am who I am :)

And from the first blog…

Flying by the seat of his assless chaps ~ It was a bad day gone good…

From a skinny girls perspective ~ This was the first post I wrote, that made me realize it felt really good to vent shit!!

April Fool’s Day and Porn ~ I got 420 hits that day, it was all because of the Porn…

The Big Finale ~ Moving on is hard.

So you think you wanna talk about me do you? ~ Rethink it, really…

Girl Power ~ I should read this every. single. day.

Have an amazing Tuesday my friends, and thanks for stopping by, I really mean that, I love ya all!!! xoxoxo

27 thoughts on “One year Blogoversary…

  1. Megan Faith

    Yay!  Congratulations Donna!!!  Your blog is one of the best things to happen to me in the last year… I shit you not. ;)  It's given me tons of laughs, brought many smiles and made my wheels turn so hard smoke was coming outta my ears.  But most importantly, I got an awesomely wonderful, incredibly fabulous, kick-ass friend outta the deal.  I've so enjoyed getting to know you; I always look forward to reading your thoughts, rants, ideas and such. AND I'm so appreciative of all your support throughout the last year.  xoxo :)  

    1. Redneck Princess

      Well you know what?If I have accomplished absolutely nothing else, it wouldn't matter, because you just saying that, means everything to me Megan. I am honored to know you and call you my friend :) You make me smile every single day, and I really wish we were closer, it is gonna be a killer road trip when we finally meet, and we soooo will!! Thank YOU for all the support you have given back to me, and for always being in my corner. xoxo

  2. Barbara Taylor

    Congratulations Donna, one year blogging and you are still here! Hope you never stop, I love reading your blog, it's fun, entertaining and I mostly always learn something new, so i guess we could add "educational" to the list!.

  3. JB

    One year! Congratulations from a newbie. I've read most of your fav blogs before you put them on this blog entry. As I'm dicovering now, the so-called Blogosphere is pretty amazing and rewarding, most of the time.

    All I can say is… Keep your crap coming our way, so we can laugh about your little mishaps… :-P No serious, you write some pretty awesome stuff on here. May the ancient God of Blogphemius be with you. 

  4. Sandi

    Congratulations!  No stats?  No how many people are subscribed to your account, how many hits you've had?  Ha!

    I'm so glad we were able to meet in person.  A lot can happen in just 1 year, huh?  The establishment of new friends both cyber and in real life!

    Don't forget, you still need to visit us in California!

    Lake Forest, CA USA

  5. Pissy Kitty

    I'm going to have to set aside time in the evening with a bottle of wine and read through them. 6000 Hits! Are you freaking kidding me? That's like crazy-high numbers. Way to pull that rabbit out of your ass. Ha…ha..

  6. Lisa

    Congratulations for sticking with it. It's not easy keeping up in the blogosphere. Looking forward to reading more of your new posts.

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