A Spectacular Elf…

A Spectacular Elf…

I should be right?

I mean when you are born on Christmas day there is a certain amount of pressure to be up on all things Christmas…

There is, really…I mean no one says it out loud, but you can tell. People first feel sorry for you, like I get totally ripped off or something. Do you think I was born yesterday here? I have rocked this Christmas birthday thing for coming up 47 years now. I have it all figured out. I have never ever felt ripped off. Ever.

I can thank my parents for that, they have always made Christmas Eve my birthday night…cake, presents, singing, the whole works.

This year I am particularly feeling inadequate in the Christmas department, and it’s only November. I want to be more like my friend Jaye, whom I might add, I constantly make fun of for her Christmas cheer starting like, well yesterday.

So right here and now, I am going to confess my envy of her unabashed joy and love of the season.

I am turning over a new leaf. I am going to run with it, and embrace the spirit of Christmas.

There will be no more socks and slippers…I am going to find something amazing for all the people I love, or I am going to make it. Something that shows my love, my appreciation and the true spirit of Christmas, the thankfulness I feel for all the amazing people I adore in my life.

Consider yourselves lucky I don’t have a bedazzler…

You see, I have always wanted to be Martha Stewart at Christmas…but I can never seem to fully pull it off. You know how some people can make a room breathtaking? Amazing?

I don’t really feel like I have that gift. So this year, I am changing my perspective…

I should just add here, that last night I went out for drinks with my bestie Phyllis and during our conversation and some tears, I had a wee epiphany about my life.

I won’t get into it in this blog, I will save it for a more serious day…but let’s just say, I looked at a situation that has changed my life since I was a teenager, in a different light…a new angle, and decided to set myself free from the constraints of my own thinking. Pretty freaking deep huh?

Life changing for me.

So today, right now…things are going to change around here as fast as my perspective on things did.

Look out Christmas, look out wee Prince baby Theo…I am going to make this the bestest Christmas we have ever had…

And Martha, watch your back bitch…I am coming for ya.

16 thoughts on “A Spectacular Elf…

  1. Richard Wiseman

    My son’s birthday is New Year’s Eve. Not the same I know, but to make sure the two aren’t contiguous we put the tree up last week in November and take it down on the 27th December. I think you should really go for it and feel good that you were born on a day of celebration; I mean theroretically, at least, millions of people celebrate your birthday, or at least one guy who, for argument’s sake, we say was born on 25th December!

  2. James R

    Great post! I couldn’t imagine having my birthday in december! let alone on christmas day!! I bet you must of hated it when you were a child, (less presents!) I got to admit though I am very fortunate to have my birthday in the middle of may, two parties a year spread out!

  3. ash

    Can’t wait to read about your epiphany :)And I’d love to be born on Christmas! Better than the exact middle of winter here ;)x

  4. Steve

    I think that would be cool to have a birthday on Christmas! Looking forward to reading about your epiphany… sounds interesting. Good luck with the whole Martha thing! :-)

  5. pip

    I can empathise with you as a fellow capricorn. Lucky for me I was late and born on the 30th. However, my Mother did call me Carole. At least if you are born Xmas day you don’t get everyones unwanted xmas presents. :(

    PS it’s like the blogging Olympics leaving a comment on your blog now :(

    1. The Redneck Princess Post author

      I have a best friend here who was born on the 30th as well :) It is actually amazing how many of my friends are Capricorns…I actually bend more towards Sagittarius in the sign dept…I am on the cusp :)

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