Five Question Friday…

Five Question Friday…

1. Do you have a go to song that always puts you in a good mood?

This is one of my favorite feel good tunes right here…listen up people, you know you want to feel good!

2. Are you a real Christmas tree kinda person or do you go with a real fake one?

It depends, when the kids were small we ALWAYS went and cut down our tree,  but since we have been on our own I have used my artificial tree, it is just easier and way less hassle to clean up :) but here is a picture of a tree that makes me think maybe THIS year I should have a real one. Click on the picture to go to Donna’s website @ Funky Junk Interiors

3. What are you thankful for?

The amazing, great, fabulous life that I have, and all of the people who love me :)

4. Which fashion fad from the past do you wish you could wear today?

Well this is totally going to show my old age, but I can remember secretly wishing that flared jeans would come back in style. They work better for my skinny assed legs…I can’t really think of anything else, I was pretty into the headband thing when it was popular, like during the Olivia Newton John phase, but I am pretty sure I don’t need to relive it now :)

5. Do you wait until the “low fuel” light comes on before you fill up the gas tank?

I do…I hate to admit it, but with the price of gas, with not working…I suck every single damn drop out of that tank before I fill it up baby :)


8 thoughts on “Five Question Friday…

  1. Mim

    Hey Ms D. Flared jeans also look better on curvier figures…and they’ve been ‘in’ in Aus and NZ for the last decade or so. You can really just wear whatever you like…I only wear flared or bootcut…I did the skinny jeans in the 80’s…:)

  2. Kimberlee

    Flared jeans would be fun. I am not a fan of tight ‘skinny’ jeans. Definitly not into jeggings either, LOL! That is a super cute xmas tree. My grandma does something similiear. Her Xmas tree is named earl. He gets decorated each christmas, and the other part of the year he is a ‘normal’ house plant/tree.

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