Missed Connections…

Missed Connections…

I was reading one of my new favorite blogs White Trash Princess Diaries yesterday and she posted a post that her husband found, about a guy that was a nice guy gone wrong, because women made him that way, on Craigslist of all places. So I thought I would check it out for myself and see what was interesting.

When they say you can find everything on Craigslist, they aren’t kidding you. Did you know there is a section for missed connections? Seriously, like if you are driving down the road and make some serious eye contact with someone, you post it. I figure the chance of that person reading said post is probably up there with winning the lottery. Slim to bloody none.

Then, there are posts like this one…

Hey you, yeah, you, dirty pervert

Me: tall, sexy blonde.
You: dirty, nasty, little piggy skulking by the dumpster behind my work.

I saw you leering longingly at the bag of dirty panties I tossed in there.

The first batch is free.

The second will cost you. $100 per pair. Assorted colours and levels of soilage available.

What. the. hell? First off, why the HELL are you throwing your panties away because they are dirty? Don’t you have a washing machine, those bitches are expense to buy.

And secondly…chicka, do you really think some guy skulking behind a dumpster is ever gonna read that and say, “oh silly me, what was I thinking learing at the tall, sexy blonde throwing a bag of panties in the garbage.” Get some kind of a grip, I am not sure which one of you is the messed up one here.

Don’t even get me started with the idiots that post pictures of their penises on there, what the flaming hell are you boys thinking. If we have seen one, we have seen ’em all, yours is NOT special, especially creepy is that you think you should be online with it. No one cares, move along.

It only gets worse…if you need some amusement, you really need to check it out for yourself…or I need to get a freaking life, that actually is probably a better idea.

But did you know that people will post just ANYTHING on there? Holy crap people are a wee bit insane…

Walmart in(name your town)this was posted in mine…

I just wanted to Thank all the Sexy women who are in your 30’s, 40’s and 50’s that look so dame nice with your tight pants and skirts for shopping in the Walmart here. You all make it worth while for guys to go in there and do our shopping.

Now I just wanna say, dude…huh? I am totally missing out on this whenever I go in there, actually your comment makes me NOT want to go in there anymore, and where is your spell check?

And this…what?

‘Exotic’ maids naughty and neat
We come to your home, were dressed in lingerie, stockings and stilletto heels, we offer a discreet service, we dust, do light straightening up around your home or condo. You relax and enjoy watching us clean your place.
We offer a flexible schedule, and professional service. Normal rates are: $150 / hr, minimum one hour.
NOTE: Clients please aware it’s an exotic cleaning service and nothing more. No touching but lots of looking is OK…

This creeps me out on every level, and only $150 an hour?? Holy crap batman! There is no way that will be enough to cover the creepinness of the creeps whose houses your are going to be cleaning, and do you get the loot up front? I just get red flags and bells ringing there, just saying.

And then there was this;

Lost: Common Scense (not my typo)

Who is to blame? What has happened to people? Why do we tolerate it? Why did we become this way? How are you going to help fix it?

They have a point, right?

What about this?


Strange weather this week? Great for Fall though.

Don’t you have facebook or somewhere to talk to your friends?

And then I saw this…

Husband for hire

Will do any small jobs.
Reasonable rates.

Ok…I was a little let down there, I wasn’t really sure what to expect :)

At that point I kind of lost interest with the whole thing, I have to say POF was a little more interesting when it came to freaky stuff.

And the point of all this?

I really need to start reading more books, or maybe it really is time to leave the house, get a life, go on a date. Something else.

There have to be funnier things to amuse me right?

I certainly hope so, but it makes for a good laugh if nothing else…

Happy Tuesday friends…

12 thoughts on “Missed Connections…

  1. Megan

    OMG! Absolutely insane the things that people put out there!!! Honestly can’t even bring myself to look!

    I was brave enough (or stupid enough, depending on how you look at it) to get on POF this time last year. Holy hell, freakishness. From the “hey babys!” to the “what’s up sexy” to the all too revealing pictures…. EWWWWWWW. Met one guy from there. we dated for a coupla months, found out his profile was still online while we were dating… I deleted my profile then and there. NEVER AGAIN. us beauties deserve much better than those loons! :)

  2. Jan

    We have no Graigslist here in Europe, but we see some similar sites. Actually most post there have a somewhat ‘hidden’ commercial content. Offering ‘services’ of some kind. Yeah Right. About pervs? They are everywhere, male and female. Commercial advertisement on a Geek site: “Wan to see me play with my joystick, big boy?”.
    I always think to myself “whatever floats their boat”…

    // Jan :)

  3. Nicole

    I don’t know what I’m more geeked about–the pingback or the “one of my favorite blogs” comment. :-D

    You’d be surprised at the level of WTF you can find on Craigslist–I often have to stop the hubby when he’s clicking on stuff to show me. There is only so much bleach I can wash my eyes out with.

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