Party Animals…

Party Animals…

Oh. ya.

Saturday night, I am having a house warming party.

You ask, “Did she move and not tell us? What the hell is going on here?”

Well no, I actually didn’t.

But I have lived here for four years now, and I never had a house warming party. Once the roof started leaking and I realized I am destined to stay here forever, or until my knight in shining armor swoops me up and steals me away from all of this…I started thinking, why the hell NOT? I deserve a party after what I have been through the last 4 years, right?

Hell ya I do!

And seriously, it was a good freaking excuse for a party.

I am smart sometimes too huh?

So it was all calm on the party front, until the other day, when my girlfriend Kat text messaged me and said “hey, we should have a bad Christmas jammie theme for your party”… Now I am not one to back away from a good idea.

Because I heard ‘wear my pajamas…with all my friends there…while we are drinking.’

Holy crap…I am so IN!!!

So here is the deal, everyone has been messaged to wear something Christmas themed…that is hideous!

The pictures are going to be awesome.




And oh my, what pajamas they are. I made a special trip to the second hand store, and came up winning. I think. I came up funny if nothing else. I will probably look like an elf when I am done. I am all about Christmas…elves are awesome.

Not to sure how a drunk elf will go over, but hey, you can’t have everything storybook, so nevermind.

My jammies kinda look like this…there is more, but you will have to wait for the rest of it, trust me. It is a work in progress, that could run amok at any minute.

Ok..I am totally messing with you. They are not like that at all…

She is hot, and I found her while searching for what I am really wearing…which is more like this…

Only I will have a head.

And a few more embellishments, that are super secret for now.

But making up for the lack of class in the dressing department, we are gonna have amazing munchies!!

On the menu so far…

  • Spinach dip (cause it is always good for a hangover breakfast)
  • Beef and Chicken Taquitos…cause I am addicted to them.
  • Pumpkin cheesecake…ya, you heard me right.
  • Artichoke dip, favorite standby!
  • more to come, I still have four days to get organized :)

So that is what I was up to today, that and getting the 5 inch thick layer of mud off of the outside and inside of my truck.

I have come to the conclusion, adding up the mess involved, the effort involved and the total loss of a weekend, I would rather pay someone to get my wood for me from now on. It is the better choice.

Tomorrow’s agenda is soap making and trying to get the rest of my groovin outfit ready…

So much for my plan of dressing better :)

Hopefully we don’t end up at the bar…

I probably shouldn’t have said that out loud.

Happy Tuesday peeps :)

16 thoughts on “Party Animals…

  1. Pissy Kitty

    That sounds like tons of fun. And ummm…those kinds of jammies are ones I normally wear. Hmmm….not much of a rock star, huh? It's a wonder I get laid at all by the Old Man, considering that..and I don't care much for shaving my legs in the winter; well, until they start to bother me that is. Ha..ha.. God, have a great time. 

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