See me Vlog, and give away free stuff!

See me Vlog, and give away free stuff!

Hey all!! Welcome to my first giveaway :) I am just going to let you watch the video for all the info…if you have any questions just leave me a comment or shoot me an email!!

Email me @…

Post in the comment box…

Or the best of all, post a link on your blog and add it to my linky here!!

Good luck and thanks for playing :)

18 thoughts on “See me Vlog, and give away free stuff!

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  2. Tink

    ohmyGOD!! i love you, even more now you’ve done a video! I need to do this, its a great way to get to know someone. Your make me chuckle Princess :)

  3. Megan

    I’ve been a slacker… So Sorry! Let me just say it was so good to hear your voice and see you in action! :)

    I always make my Christmas cards (if I’m not too busy with special orders and making gifts!) every year… Also working on some yarn wreaths with felt flowers and my frames of course. Hoping to get a post up about them….BUT I am SUPER behind on all things crafty so hopefully I’ll get it up before the 15th so I can link to you!

    Great job on the scarf my dear! Love it. xoxo

  4. Barb

    Hey Donna – congrats on the video – you did good! So good that I had to let the hub see you too and he agrees – he also said your site looks good! Just wanted to let ya know.

  5. Stacey

    OMG…..I LOVE LOVE LOVE this scarf and would totally want one in Red (my fav color). I used to make homemade christmas cards to give out, and I attach a small christmas tree ornament to the envelop as a keepsake and something for their tree or just to use for a decoration. I don’t have any pics to show of previous cards, and since moving, I had to give away all my crafty supplies :(

    Kuddos on the Vlog…I’m way too chicken to do one myself

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