Since I am too tired to blog…

Since I am too tired to blog…

Because my parents are freaking slave drivers…I paint all day, and then they make me cook and clean. I am Cinderella…swear to god.

Hehehehehe, ok, I am totally kidding. But today was a long painting day. Got the carport all done! One room left, and I can finish it in half a day tomorrow and other half on Sunday. Here are some super awesome pictures I took over the last two days. The deer are totally NOT afraid of us. I was as close as that picture is, no zoom lense.  The running creatures are coyotes, the buck didn’t hang out long once they ran by us. The llama is Picaboo (I call him Pikachu), he and my Dad have a love hate relationship…it is the neighbours, as are the sheep, but they hang out in Dad’s yard…enjoy!! Maybe tomorrow I will have some stuff pictures :)

Happy Saturday folks!!

18 thoughts on “Since I am too tired to blog…

  1. Nicole

    Great pictures.  The top pic is the awesomest of them all–and that was before I saw the deer.  Those leaves are just so….. *sigh*

    Besides, as you well know, it's much better to be Belle. ;-)

  2. Barbara Taylor

    At least you haven't got two ugly sisters on your back as well as the slave-driving parents! When is your handsome prince coming to take you away from it all?
    I love the photos – awesome!

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