Subscription good news!!

Subscription good news!!

WordPress has just put out a new plugin for the site!! It is an email subscription button that will let you manage your WordPress subscriptions better!! I have adjusted the box for subscribing to this new box. If you are happy with the way you are getting updated now, never-mind this post :) If you have WordPress and want to change it, feel free :) You can either unsubscribe from the old way or let me know and I will do it for you, this makes integration way easier for WordPress users!! This is a good thing :)

If you don’t have WordPress, never fear, it totally works for you too, the thing I love about this new tool, is that it updates when post is posted, not at a certain time a day, which gives me more freedom in my posting times, win win..heheheheh…

Anyways, I just wanted to share that info, and I am sort of testing it in my inbox too, to make sure it does what it says it does! If you have any questions, let me know!

Cheers friends…

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