Texas Judge beats daughter with a belt…

Texas Judge beats daughter with a belt…

Before you start reading this post, I am warning you right now, the video is disturbing. I am crying and my heart is breaking as I type this. I am not even sure how I feel about posting it at all, but if it helps even one person speak out against violence, it will be worth it.

The following video was taken by the girl getting beat.  The girl apparently downloaded a video game and some music illegally off the internet and her father found out, and then beat the hell out of her while her mother stands there watching. You need to know before you watch this, it is horrible, long and gut wrenching.

The girl is not being “punished” she is being beaten, all over her body with a fucking belt.

The father Judge William Adams, has commented and said that it was years ago (2004) and he has apologized, and that the beating wasn’t as bad as it looked. Well I am calling bullshit on that one buddy. You beat the hell out of a 16 year old girl with a BELT, when your wife took it away, you came back with another belt and did it again. I also have issues with the mother, obviously she was abused as well, but she contributed to the whole scene non the less.

How the hell is any of it not as bad as it looks?

The abuse was not acceptable. in. any. way. He definitely needs to suffer some consequence for his actions. The daughter doesn’t want people to hate her Dad, just get him the help he needs. There are obviously anger issues, they had obviously happened before that time, or she never would have video taped it in the first place would she have?

Let’s raise awareness people, abuse is NOT ok in any way…




The only way to stop it, is too speak out, to be aware and to be proactive.

I also just want to say, that after reading through the comments on the video, I am nearly more disturbed than I was watching the video.

It is not ok to hit anyone with a belt or anything else, NO MATTER WHAT THEY HAVE DONE. It’s just not ok. I don’t care if the girl was downloading porn and robbing banks. Beating the hell out her will not solve the issues.

That is just my two cents, I hope that the girl has received help since exposing this video. I also hope that the father has.

I have to go give my kid a hug now.

19 thoughts on “Texas Judge beats daughter with a belt…

  1. The Hook

    I'm sure she could use tha hug. Thank you for sharing this, Princess. A judge, h'uh? What has the justice sysytem – or the world for that matter – come to?

  2. Ash

    I didn’t watch the video, I don’t do real well with stuff like that at the moment… Society scares the shit out of me, seriously. Just so sad on so many levels.

  3. Barbara Taylor

    And this man is a Judge? What chance do our kids have with people in authority like that? 
    No-one deserves to be beaten like that – for whatever reason – NO-ONE.I'm glad the video was exposed by the girl and hope she has had some help since. The parents too – the mother was just as bad as the father standing around watching it all. Absolutely disgusting. 

  4. Richard wiseman

    Thanks for chance to watch that, but I'll take your word on how awful it is. I couldn't watch it as my dad hit me with a belt from time to time when I was younger and I don't need to be told or shown how awful it is. I have kids myself and I'm a great dad, (everyone says so, it's not just me saying it).  It took a lot of therapy to get over being bullied by my dad, but I'm very 'healthy' now. I like your posts by the way, always 'edgy' and challenging to read. Good stuff. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Cecelia Futch

    Wow…. there is so much wrong to this I don't even know how to comment. Parents–both of them–sick sick sick…  All this for a teenager being a teenager. And the guy is a family court judge??????? You gotta be kiddin me! No wonder the family court system is sooooooo messed up. Kids don't have a chance.

  6. mairetx49

    Thank you for posting this. This is not okay by an stretch of the imagination, especially for a judge. Texas has its own weird "justice" but this is domestic violence and is abuse. I hope this stops someone else from having to suffer the same abuse.

  7. Brenda

    The wife/mom got a few licks in too! They need to lock that asshole man up and let him be someone’s bitch in jail! WTF is wrong with people. That wasn’t a spanking. That was like you said it…a BEATING! OMG! Poor girl

  8. Janis

    Yeah, I couldn't even watch more than about thirty seconds…sicko

    Did the girl set up the camera, knowing she was gonna get a beating?  Or was someone else there? And why did it take so long to go public?  I hope the girl wasn't continually abused until now…

    1. Redneck Princess

      I know, I had to turn it off too, I was crying so hard. Fucker. I think she knew ahead of time. I am not sure why it took so long, but apparently it has continued on in different ways until now. The mom left him eventually by the looks of some of the articles…so sad.

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