When will I ever learn?

When will I ever learn?

I have hair issues.

I love my hair. It is vain, but it’s true. I own it. When I thought I didn’t have any other outstanding features, like huge boobs or a great ass like half the other girls my age, I always had good hair.

I am past the point in life, where I give a shit about things like big boobs or having the perfect ass. I am happy with my body exactly the way it is most days. I have grown into myself and learned to love the body I have.

I still depend on my hair though. I know that sounds ridiculous, unless you are just like me and you get it. I know you are out there, and I know you know exactly what I mean.

I am super lucky to have thick, thick hair. On days when everything else about me feels like crap, I can have good hair. It makes it all ok. It has taken me years to get my hair long like it is now. When I get it cut it is like a tinsy weensy trim, barely any comes off. I am a little less worried about my bangs, I have had them longer, shorter layered, you name it.

Last week I got a haircut and she left the bangs long, I was going to try and grow them out long…

So I suck at growing out my bangs, I have had bangs my whole life, since I was about 10. Today was the day that they pissed me off. My hairdresser is all the way in Willow Point, which is a good $15 worth of gas away from where I live. I was in having coffee with my girlfriend today, and asked her where she goes, she gave me the girls name and said, if she fucks it up, it’s not my fault…thanks Kat, you brat…

So off I go, trusting the fact that she isn’t going to freaking scalp me with just a bang trim…

Holy mother of freaking god. I couldn’t have screwed it up better myself. She razored it, which is cool, except she left a piece in the front that is about half a fucking inch long…I am not even kidding you here….

Luckily I have enough hair that I can part it on the other side and probably hide the mess up, I also took a small piece of the way longer hair and trimmed it to cover up the really short part in a longer layer. Apparently my cow lick is working to my benefit for the first time ever, I just won’t have obvious bangs for about two weeks…and thank god for product. Cause damn it to hell, I am going to fucking need it.

I can hear Janis in the background as I type yelling at me to just DO IT YOURSELF….oh hang on, maybe she tweeted that. I KNOW ALREADY!!!! I was just trying to avoid a disaster.

That worked out well didn’t it? I am so not saying that she is usually right, even though she bloody well is.

So lesson of the day, one I have lived over and over and over again…don’t let someone you don’t know, cut your hair. Even if it is just your bangs.


This is one time, when I wish I had done it myself…

Happy Wednesday folks :)


16 thoughts on “When will I ever learn?

  1. Robyn

    Don't I remember an earlier hair disaster?  No, that was, if I recall, an earlier panic which trned out OK!  Look at it this way, the fringe will grow! 

    Sorry, I just can't use the same word you use – it has "other" meanings here, just like we don't "root" for a team, for the same reason.

  2. The Hook

    My hairline is receeding faster than the tide so I envy you! Seriously, your hair rocks in any way shape or form!

    1. Redneck Princess

      :) you are good for a girls ego, and by the way, bald is totally freaking hot. My next boyfriend is going to BE bald dammit. And tattooed. And gorgeous. And rich. I am going to be single forever aren't I?

  3. pissykittyslitterbox

    I sympathize. I am hair vain too. I have been spoiled my whole life with great hair, and it hasn't been till just recently that it's been drying out and driving me nuts. Anyway….sidetracked…I had bangs from about the age of 12 when I first got my hair feathered so I could look like Farrah Fawcett (ha..ha..ha..ha.. Sooo NOT!), and was unable to grow the damn things back out until about 10 years ago. My ex had this long, thick hair that he used to pull back with his sunglasses and I loved the look. I was determined to do the same (now it's a damn habit I can't break). I honestly just forced myself to go through a hair 'clippie' stage, and sucked it up. You almost have to while you're going through the 'transition' stage. And FYI…I cut my own hair. I mean, every bit of it. I don't trust anyone with my hair anymore. I learned a long time ago that the job I do on myself isn't any worse than I've had done on me. Rubber band the back to the very bottom and clip. Bangs aren't much of a big deal. You can do it, Donna! Get yourself a decent pair of scissors for the trim and grow them damn bangs out girl! ;)

  4. Miss Lego

    He he, it is sometimes so complicated to be happy with our nature..hair for example is never off the attention focus, trust me, I also like it and some other days, I don't, but well…that's life

  5. Janis

    It's not like they're in the back or anything, they're hangin right there in front of your face where you can see and reach them easily…..just do it!!!

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