I cannot for the life of me focus…

I cannot for the life of me focus…

On one freaking thing at a time. Seriously.

I am trying to get a blog post done for tomorrow, I have changed my mind 4 times now. I have 4 unfinished posts. None of which I want to post.

So I am trying again.

As I sit here, I have one half made girl Koala bear, which I am dying to finish, but this needs to be first. A scarf that I am going to rip out, as I already have two like it listed on Etsy, I don’t need another one. Right?

There are 14 browser tabs open…

I am making banana cake, I was going to make banana bread, but changed my mind 15 times…I almost made caramels instead, but I don’t have any condensed milk…I don’t think. I didn’t really look.

I haven’t eaten sugar, or drank coffee…

What the HELL is wrong with me?

I actually worked out today, I was talking to Janis this afternoon and she made me feel guilty, well not intentionally, but she said she has been working out like crazy. I feel guilty. I have been sitting on my ass. Well no I haven’t but I promised myself and my dog that we would walk, I promised myself I would lift my weights and do sit ups…I am a lying to myself freaking cow.

Today, I did…

I worked out, I meditated, until paying my bills occured to me, and then I couldn’t focus on meditating til I paid them.

Once I paid them, I didn’t feel like meditating anymore, so I took the dog for a walk.

We both felt better.

I need to get rid of some energy, seriously.

Ok…I just undid the scarf, that feels better.

And Micheal Buble is singing to me, Christmas songs…and then he wrecks it by talking about his wife. Fuck.

Ok, made icing for cake…do you SEE what I mean here? I am usually totally organized, one thing at a time…

Bhahahahahahah…ok, I don’t know who I am trying to fool there, but seriously I normally function at high capacity while multitasking.

So the first thing I need to do, is get this blog post finished. Before next Friday.

I also want to make a formal apology to my friend Susan from Zolemia’s Blog, for absolutely SUCKING at getting my post up with the Liebster award that she gave me…I am working on it girlfriend…I really am :)

I will then finish the girl Panda Koala bear…here is the boy I made today…isn’t he cute, cuter than yesterdays, but they kinda look like brothers…

Ok, so my clusterfuckingself is outta here, I have a big baking day tomorrow, and I am thinking I need to go to bed at a normal hour tonight, that might be part of my problem…maybe try and meditate before bed and not stay up late enough to watch Craig Ferguson…as much as I adore him.

I should probably leave the house too I mean like tomorrow, not in the middle of the night, have some kind of human interaction…other than with teenaged boys. It can’t possibly be helping.

Have a happy Wednesday my friends, I am outta here……………………….. xoxoxox

15 thoughts on “I cannot for the life of me focus…

  1. SpilledInkGuy

    I pretty much feel like that every day.
    But no Late Late show?!
    *in my best Geoff Peterson*
    (Feel free to replace that last part with ‘CBS cares’.)

  2. Nicole

    When did you change your name to White Trash Princess?

    Don’t EVEN get me started on the 44 drafts, 7 boxes of fundraiser flip-flops that should have been mailed two weeks ago, and the apartment purge that WILL. NOT. DIE. Plus everyday routine and maintenance….I need a miracle.

  3. Barb

    Whoa – slow down girl – I know you are good at multi-tasking, but there is a limit ya know!

    Take a deep breath, sit back, and prioritise!

  4. Jan

    If it wasn’t so all darn serious I would laugh my buttoonocks off. :-P. Aw c’mom get a grip. You’ll get it done like always, just in time!

    // Jan

  5. bliss

    I think it was an epidemic yesterday…I am hoping I am more focused today and not so overwhelmed by everything and nothing. Excited about your etsy store…I will put you in my circle. ~~Bliss

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  7. ash

    Hahaha I can relate…that bear is adorable!! Is he a koala or panda? I think you mentioned both, haha :)And wow, you have Etsy now! Off to check it out x

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