Lonely Days…

Lonely Days…

I am not going to whine…I promise. I mean I want to, but I won’t. Today was just one of those days, you know what I mean? It’s Christmas, and everyone seems to be a couple.

I know I am not alone, and that should make me feel less pathetic I suppose, but it doesn’t.

Most days I am good. There are moments but mostly I am good.

I am happy, I am healthy, I am blessed. All stuff I know.

But I am lonely.

I miss having someone to hug. Someone to share the little things only two people in love share with each other, the knowing looks, the smile, the happiness.

Now I am pretty sure I won’t be alone forever, I think…

I look around me and there are all kinds of people that find people to love and to love them back. On a less pathetic day, I know it will happen again one day. I also know I need to stop thinking about it, and just be happy the way I am.

But I suck at lonely.

So I am spewing it to you. I haven’t been blogging that much this week, that probably hasn’t helped me. When I isolate myself it only makes it worse.

In just over a week I will have a baby to love, my family to keep me busy, and Christmas will be here.

Tomorrow, I will be fine…I know this will pass.

But for today, just for right now, I am feeling the lonely…it helps me know I am alive and that I am still kicking.

And a little self pity never killed anyone that I know of. I am going to catch up on your blogs, spread some love around and maybe eat the box of chocolate that is under my tree and supposed to be opened on Christmas. I have a couple of glasses of Champagne left in the fridge too, so I am going to put on my jammies, snuggle up on my couch and be the pathetic lonely girl that I am feeling like.

Cause I can.

And it’s ok to feel a little left out, lonely and pathetic once and a while. I know that even in relationship you can feel that way. I know I have.

And seriously…there is no one here to tell me that putting my pajama’s on at 5 at night and eating a whole box of chocolate to myself is a bad idea, is there???

It’s gotta be all good, well for now anyways :)

So off I go to read about your weekend adventures!!

I feel better already.

Happy Monday Peeps…xoxoxo

23 thoughts on “Lonely Days…

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  2. Rachel


    I also found your site because Tinkerbelle keeps mentioning you on Laughteriscatching. Like many of these ladies, I can also relate! I am married, but my husband and I are spending the year in China, and lately I think we both feel lonely for our friends (and consequently we end up getting grumpy/snappy at each other). Especially since it’s Christmastime now (but no one really celebrates Christmas in China), I’ve really started missing my family, my girlfriends, people who are native English speakers, etc. But like you said, realizing that it’s only temporary is important! This too shall pass :-D

  3. Brooke and Mckenzie

    Hey there,

    Really enjoyed your blog, we were sent here from a link on Laughteriscatching!

    It’s normal to feel lonely. There is a great comment on one of our posts and someone mentioned that even though you may be married or in a great relationship there are times when you can still feel so utterly lonely. Loneliness does not come from having a physical person standing beside you all the time. It can come from maybe having an aspect of yourself you wish to open or share but sometimes can be afraid to because you are afraid of being judged.
    I think we all want to act the way society asks us to and conform within what is acceptable or not but if one day I want to burst out crying without terrifying my boyfriend and making him wonder if it’s that time of the month, I should be able to.

    Hopefully the feeling passes but you have many people in your life that will fill that loneliness and as we see here many readers that love and enjoy your blog.

    All the best!



    1. The Redneck Princess

      Thank you for the great comment :) Glad you stopped by! I do have a great life, even being single and lonely once and a while :)I have met the most amazing people on here!! It all helps to make me feel less sad, that is for sure.

  4. Sandi


    This is not you, but I remember being that way before my Bill. I volunteered during the holidays to help fill that void. I kind of felt like I had no where I had to be, no one expecting me…volunteer at your local food bank/soup kitchen/etc. Keep busy and know you are doing good for others. Volunteer at the library.

    You just might meet someone special volunteering as well. Even some new friends to keep you busy. You certainly aren’t going to meet anyone staying home. And that’s said with MUCH LOVE and caring for you– BIG HUG.

    Ready to visit California? Maybe, just maybe…you need to get out of Canada a bit?

    Lake Forest, CA

  5. whitney

    I have given you the Versatile Blogger Award – the details are in my latest post. Hopefully there are lots of others out there that will appreciate you like I do!

  6. Megan

    Proof enough that we ARE absolutely kindred spirits and soul mates… Today, is soooooooo one of these days for me. I can be fine and dandy for days on out but then the nasty lonely bug flies right in and smacks me up side the damn head. It absolutely sucks more than I care to admit and hide it pretty damn well when the bug bites but was none too successful at it today. Yes, I know I have amazing friends and family and am busier than I have been in a long time, but those things and people don’t always fill the sometimes present void you’re speaking of. Waking up to someone or cuddling up to someone… hell, even the bikering back and forth than can occur in a relationship would be nice sometimes! BUT… as we talked about (well, I wrote, you agreed) one your last post with the lyrics… better to be “alone” than be with the wrong person. When the right one comes along we’ll know it. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. :) Until then, I am happy to know that someone “gets it” because most around me don’t as they’re happily attached. I can TOTALLY relate to every single word written in this post darlin’… love you bunches xoxo

  7. Brenda

    I feel your loneliness Donna. When I was single, there were days that I absolutely loved it but then when the holidays came around, it made me sad and lonely. You know it will pass. Try not to reflect on it too much. If we lived closer we could party up and I’d hug you! hehe ;) Hang tough, don’t settle for less than you deserve. Just when you’re NOT looking, LOVE will smack you right in your face. Preferable from some hottie with luscious lips and tight buns! :)

  8. Rafa acmewolf

    Being alone is different to feeling alone. I’m sure many people would like to be with you. Sure. In fact I’m feeling alone everyday and is very hard. You are not alone :)

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