Small Miracles…

Small Miracles…

Amongst the pain and the tears…

A small miracle will appear.

Today I had many, some small and some large.

The woman in the bookstore that brought me to tears, with simple enough words “I am sorry for your loss”  … said with sincerity so real, my heart was exploding. My tears just started to fall.

I knew that her heart had felt the pain that we are all feeling now.

A miracle of a brother that loves my best friend, and has the biggest heart of any man I have ever met.  A man that loves his family fiercely and gives them 150% all of the time. He makes us all smile with his humor and wit, and yet keeps everything grounded when it feels like we are all going to fall apart.

Our children that surround us with love, humor, insanity…laughter and tears, everything about them is a miracle we are blessed with every day, for as long as we are given.

Friendship that is strengthened with sorrow and loss, you never realize how amazing your friends are until they are faced with a sadness so large that you can’t even fathom it. How you can all pull together, how you can love more, see the strength and the beauty and the wisdom that you overlook every other day, when it seems to be less prominent, it is always there, even if you don’t always notice it.

Strength in a woman I have always admired, made stronger when she has every right to be weak. Facing everything head on, with amazing courage and wisdom. With love for life and everyone that touches her, she gives everything she has to give. She has vowed to celebrate her son who was taken too soon, for the rest of her life.

Strangers, that reach out to you, when they see you need love, when they can feel the pain that you are feeling, even though they have never met anyone involved and don’t even know you at all.

Angels that watch down on us from above, making sure that we get what we need when we need it, making sure the best things happen in the worst of times, watching out for their family even though they are gone from our earth and our lives…they are always there helping and guiding and making sure we feel the spirit strong  within us.

So to all of you, that have helped with our grieving, even if it was just a word, or a look, or a touch, or a thought…

Thank you.

You have no idea what a difference it has made in our lives, in our healing, in our restoration of faith in humanity…

There is so much good in this world, and so much love.

It is sad that it takes a tragedy to make us realize it and appreciate everything we have and take for granted every single day.

But maybe in the end, that is what we are meant to learn.

Broc has left us a beautiful legacy, one of a man that was loved by his friends, his family, his beautiful girlfriend and anyone that he met, even if just for a moment.

No one can ask for more than that…he has taught us to love, to share, to cry and to laugh.

We are proud to have known him, even if briefly…and for not long enough…

Thank you Broc, for bringing us together and making us love.

RIP sweet boy…

11 thoughts on “Small Miracles…

  1. Gwen

    I subscribe to the good of all people, the forever optimist. I have faith the universe gives us what we need when we need it want it or not. A smile, hug …
    I lift my glass to Broc, I do not know you, I see you brought love and joy to many. Sleep with the angels handsome boy.

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