Thank God I’m a country girl…

Thank God I’m a country girl…

I had another epiphany today…I KNOW RIGHT?? Two in as many weeks, holy crappoli, what is going on with me?

I was standing at my kitchen window tonight, and as I looked out into the near darkness I saw my neighbours house with his beautiful Christmas lights on, and smoke coming out of the chimney of his adorable little house.

Most days I wouldn’t have thought twice about it, we pretty much all have wood stoves in the neighborhood I live in. Today for some reason it just struck me how lucky we all are to be able to do that.

You can’t have a wood stove in most cities now, obviously due to the pollution issue. It would be part of life I would absolutely miss, I love wood heat.

The other thing that happened today was this…

Total randomness…there is nothing else anywhere near this tree, it may be someone’s driveway, but if it is you can’t see the house. It wasn’t decorated yesterday…

Totally freaking cool.

So my epiphany was this…

Thank goodness I didn’t sell my house and move to Vancouver or Chilliwack, as much as I do want to go South eventually, I am truly glad that I am still here, in my quirky castle with a half a hedge laying across the back yard.

I love my fence with not enough Christmas lights and my mini Charlie Brown tree.

I am thankful for being warm, and dry and for having food to feed my boys.

I am really and truly where I am supposed to be right now.

I spent the day cleaning my house today and getting myself organized, I feel way calmer than I did yesterday thankfully…I was starting to scare myself, and that is never good.

I didn’t get a damn thing baked today though…ah well…there is always tomorrow.

That too is part of the awesomeness of living here, there is always tomorrow to get it done…

Happy Thursday…

16 thoughts on “Thank God I’m a country girl…

  1. Beth

    Yes, we live in a place where we can enjoy open space too and it is truly wonderful. I am going to get chickens in the spring and I could never do this in the city due to ordinances etc. My husband grew up in the city and we lived in the city for the first several years we were married. Once I took him to the country it was no turning back! He loves it more than I do.

    Thanks for sharing the thanks!

  2. Susan

    ahhhh! The wonderful peaceful feeling of contentment. Lucky you :) I didn’t realize you were Canadian…me too, I am in Saskatchewan. I grew up on an acreage, and miss it. I often catch myself wishing I was raising my kids in the country.

  3. pip

    We have a woood burner to heat our room here in Portugal. I love the smell when the fire is first lit

    Perhaps, you weren’t meant to move…and you ARE better in the country.

    VAncouver was too frantic for me when we went there. It was nice to visit, but I was glad of the tranquility once we’d left.

  4. Cecelia Futch

    Nice reminder . . . we are each where we are supposed to be at this moment . . .

    I’m enjoying your new sight! I also checked out your My Etsy space. Nice.

  5. territerri

    What a great feeling it must have been to find that sense of contentment. I know what you mean. I’ve experienced it a time or two in the way you’ve described.

    Glad you’ve found a sense of serenity. Enjoy your holidays!

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