Thank you is so inadequate…

Thank you is so inadequate…

The last week, has been amazing. Heart wrenching. Life changing.

I have said thank you, to so many of you, so many times, for your thoughts, your love, your laughter, your compassion.

The celebration today was amazing, and beautiful and absolutely perfect.

More times than I can count this week I have had angels watching my back, flying out my ass, and just basically helping to pull this all together.

It has strengthened my faith in humanity and absolutely confirmed to me, that we are protected from above.

We have had small miracles every single day, we have had things occur that are so random, yet so completely in the realm of possibility that there is no way to deny it.

Phyllis and I were talking today, and I said that I need to pay attention more in everyday life, because maybe it is just  that we are more aware this week…but I know there are signs in life that we miss on a regular basis.

As friends, we are now all stronger. We have made new friends through sorrow, and strengthened old friendships to make them rock solid.

I have met people that I would have never had the opportunity to meet normally, and the amount of love that Phyllis and her family have in their life is absolutely astounding.

I am honored with all my heart and soul to have been made a part of that love.

So once again…I say thank you to you all. Every one of you, that has passed on kind words, light, love and positive thoughts to my friend and her family…as well as being strength to me.

I know it can’t even begin to convey what I am really feeling, or how grateful I really am, but I hope you can all feel that.

I know Phyllis would say the same…

So as of today, we vow to live life to the fullest, and celebrate the amazing gifts that Broc has given us…

Merry Christmas everyone…

6 thoughts on “Thank you is so inadequate…

  1. Susan

    Awe! So well put! I am so glad that you felt loved during this time, and that your friend is surrounding by love. I just had an in depth conversation with my kids last night. The focus of the conversation was me sharing with them again that…..if everyone has a focus of love, respect, kindness and thoughtfulness, anything can be dealt with, solved and enjoyed. That has always been my theory.
    Merry Christmas to you!! XXoXX

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