The Slackingest of Slackers…

The Slackingest of Slackers…

Well I am back :) I took a much needed break over the last few days. Mostly because I had my arms filled with baby whenever I could pry him loose from my dad or my children…

Seriously….no one loves this kid at all…

He is the prince of wee princes. His giggle will melt you. His face sucking and hair pulling will make you keep coming back for more over and over again…I haven’t been this in love since my babies were born.

I would also like to say thanks to all of you for the concern over my oldest sons recent trip to the hyperbaric chamber in Vancouver. I am thankful we were able to be home in time for Christmas. He is feeling better, but still not 100%. We will have him into the doc this week for a follow up.

My friend Ruth took this picture of us on the helicopter taking off…

Terrifying on every level…yes. I really am looking forward to a new year.

I will admit I am a little burnt out this week though. The first day home with my family in tow was way more disorganized on my end than I would of liked it to have been for sure.

I wanted to have everything done when they got here…but I think we faked our way through it pretty well. Dinner both nights was a success and I have probably gained ten pounds with all the cake and pie I ate.

So tomorrow they leave us to head back to the coast. The tears are already in my eyes as I even think about them going. I hate the goodbye. I know my wee prince will grow so fast I will miss something spectacular before I can see him again…

So tomorrow night my friends will have to hug and kiss me at the party they are throwing to make up for my lack of baby love…

How lucky I am…

Happy Boxing Day night my friends xoxo

22 thoughts on “The Slackingest of Slackers…

  1. Sophia

    The baby is so cute, I am sure you have a great time with your family. Although I enter into your blog first time, I am happy for your back, your blog is good.

  2. betty-lou

    Papa just got back from taking jim & jen and Mr T to ferry. Oh happy Days Jim got a ticket because he did not make a complete stop at stop sign at top of Henry Road, Dum -ass Boxak got him on video. opps. We are happy to be home but miss little T too, He is such a beauty, Lots of talking last night and today, I think he is going to be a chatterbox like his auntie Donna. He found his outside voice last night, let out a big loud holler with a squeal at the end, then looked quite satisfied with himself, LOL too cute.
    Let us know what Dylans doc has to say, Love Mom

  3. Megan

    Oh my sweetness! What an absolutely adorable wee little baby face!!! I could just eat him up and squeeze those cheeks. Being an aunt is the best isn’t it?! Wait til you see the chubby cheeked goodness of my littlest nephews (if I ever get another post up)… There is only 4 lbs difference between the 18 month old and almost 6 month old… Can you say adorable, slobbery, sweetness??? Glad you got to spend time with your wee prince and the rest of your family. Have fun at your partay! Sooooo wish you were near… having a girl’s night in here on Friday. Road trip?!? ;)

      1. Megan

        Then get your butt here for Friday night! My sisters and my closest gal pals are gonna be here; would be awesome if my long lost but now found soul sista was here too! ;) Seriously though, we gotta figure out a way (At least I do) to get some fundage saved in the New Year to get this road trip/visit thing to happen! xoxo

  4. Robyn

    Glad to hear you had a great time! Welcome back and this is a time of year fro taking a break from the computer (and geting all those baby snuggles).

  5. Barb

    Awww Donna, he looks absolutely gorgeous and I can see why you love him to pieces; I wouldn’t like to miss out on any of his growing up either.
    I hope your son makes a full recovery and is back to his normal self real soon; must be a worry for you though, you’ve been through the mill lately.
    Hang in there girl, everything will right itself soon enough!

  6. Separated Dad

    Hi Donna,

    After all the things you’ve been through these last few weeks, you’re doing well just to have found the strength to sit down for a Xmas meal, never mind help prepare one or prepare for any of the other Xmas things.

    My own Xmas was a completely disorganized affair this year. Next year will be different (most likely, completely disorganized in a different way).

    You’ve got some free time coming up, you’ve got lots of support around you. Bring on 2012 a few days early and start having fun again!

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