Apparently your mother left some stuff out…

Apparently your mother left some stuff out…

When she was teaching you manners.

I realize social media was none existent thirty years ago. I really do, but that doesn’t excuse how some people behave online.

If you think about it, if people did in real life, what they try to pull off online, there would be a lot of face slapping going on.

I am by no means a prude…obviously, but in my world it is not ok to whip your tool out in public and fling it around. Right? And if I have known you for less time than it takes for you to actually whip it out, I really don’t even want to talk about it.

Some guys don’t agree. I am once again referring to POF guy or “douchebag” as he has become better known. There have been others, but he is the most recent.

After days of ignoring his messages on POF, hoping he would somehow clue in that I wasn’t interested, I answered him. He had asked to add me on facebook. I said no. I don’t add men off of POF to facebook that I don’t know. Especially ones that try to get me to go for a drive and have a good time in the first three hours.

He then asks for my phone number. Ya…no.

I then ask him where he even lives? As he has never told me, and what does he do for fun, kids, job…you know, normal stuff you talk about when you actually want to get to know someone.

He answers but in a blow off way, saying we have done this before, (we hadn’t) now he wants my number, oh and by the way he says and I quote…

I fill my boxers very very well…

All I can say to that is… you seem to have me mixed up with someone else as we haven’t gone through this before, and DUDE, really?

I haven’t heard anything back since then.

Now let me just clarify here, I don’t care how big your freaking package is. I am not talking to you via your dick. I made it very clear in the first 20 minutes that I don’t want to have sex with a stranger.

Why do some guys think that is what it is all about? I of course don’t mean all guys,  if you are one of the ones that have manners and some class, you are not included here.

My guess, in this situation anyway, is that he knows he has no personality. He has been humping my leg since the beginning, which I personally find 100% unattractive. I just don’t understand how he thinks that telling me the above information is going to change how I  react to him, at least not in a positive way.

So I again get to the point with a clueless boy, that I may have to be less than my sweet self.

I suppose I shouldn’t have waited so long to tell him to go away. I just assume that everyone has a brain and will take the hint before I have to get mean about it.

I have made it clear that we want different things and I am not interested in his game, but I guess when you allegedly have a really huge package and little personality it takes straight forward ‘go away’ to get that across.

And I know he will be back again, I feel a blocking coming on.

Happy fishing kids…

28 thoughts on “Apparently your mother left some stuff out…

  1. Shameka

    It seems that you are having a bad time in dating you are right life is too short to waste for that useless boy. Stay put and wait for the one who deserves you. :)

  2. Sandi

    “humping your leg, since the minute he met you?”

    THAT’S IT…

    perhaps he was a dog in his former life. He’s only doing what he knows, so if he sniffs your butt or licks your face…I guess you can’t get offended.

    Maybe it’s one of those “switch-a-roo” kind of movies, where the parent and child swap bodies and live the other’s life for a day. But, in this instance it was the dog/owner swap. Hmmm, you’d probably have to meet his dog…and well, that would be weird.

    BTW: “Fills out boxers shorts very well” with a fat tire? A bubble butt? Crap? A lot of things can fill out one’s boxers…just sayin’ Obviously, it’s not his wiener as that seems to sit on top of his shoulders.

    Tell him, your expectations are WAY TOO high and you don’t want to be disappointed again. Therefore, you’re taking yourself off the market! :)

    Lake Forest, CA USA

  3. granny1947

    Oh my word….I knew your dating adventures were going to provide some entertainment.
    I love how so many guys responded.
    There ARE decent chaps out there.

  4. Robyn

    Let me assure you, as strange as this may sound, there ARE women who want to know the size of the package AND will have sex the day they connect on POF.

    My husband experienced that when he first was released into the community and started exploring this new thing called the internet. He still shakes his head now. He figured “when in Rome” as he thought this must be the local culture.

    What freaked him out was the very next day the woman would be saying she wanted a relationship! What? We don’t even know each other, he said!

    I’m still trying to figure out how to address this in our book! He also never saw porn until he came here and some of THAT shocked the living daylights out of him.

  5. Whitney

    NO DUDE. If you have to say that, it’s not true anyway. I am positive it would prove a disappointment. I am torn between being happy I am no longer in the dating scene and have to deal with this stuff and being sad, because this is actually kind of hilarious.

  6. Rafa acmewolf

    In Spain there’s a saying that says “Tell me what you brag and I tell you what you lack.”
    This saying should take into consideration many guys…

  7. Gwen

    When a man needs to use his penis as his microphone to get his point across it’s definetly time to fry that fish. As far as filling up his boxers, either we need to call the cat or a nurse. Yikes!
    Happy trolling and better luck next. I guess it’s like catch and release. LOL


  8. Kevin

    I’m with the other commenters; to me the only meaning of “filling my shorts” is that someone is worried about (please excuse the vulgar notion) a fart “getting away from them”. As in, “Oops, I’ve gotta be more careful–I almost felt like I was gonna fill my shorts on that one.”
    Which I guess just proves that the guy’s a walking wiener who doesn’t have common language skills, along with no manners. Hopefully there’s better fish in those Canadian waters.

  9. Viciously Sweet

    This sounds so awful. I agree he must have no personality. I would be more interested if he said “I fill my boxers out very well… with strawberry jello.”
    And I probably would still block him, because that is also weird to tell someone.

  10. Ronn Jordan

    He must have a “HUGE” package, not only does the blood from his head rush down there, so does his common sense and decency…maybe he was talking about filling his boxers “very very well” by dropping a deuce. Ewwwwwwwwww, sorry about that but clearly this “Fish” needs to be tossed back.


  11. Richard Wiseman

    I get embarrassed about how insensitive and generally dumb quite a large proportion of the male population is. The reason he is such a ‘douche bag’ is that he is one of the high proportion of men for whom the penis is the boss. He’s not a human male really, he’s a penis who has to rely on a brain dead human for a decent existence. Let’s face it if the only thing he wanted to talk about was sex then it’s the penis talking not him. He’s been possessed by this penis and he’s just the carrier/ the lackey. I’d say the next time you get one of these guys, or the same one, just assume you’re talking to the penis, which as we all know doesn’t understand the word ‘no’, so block first.
    I hope you won’t think me patronizing when I say that speaking as a husband and father with a daughter, I’d say keep the freak away, really, do take care, he doesn’t sound good at all.
    Also he says he really fills his boxers? In the UK a Boxer is a popular breed of dog. I don’t know about you, but to a UK citizen ‘filling a Boxer’ is just wrong on so many levels!
    Anyway, nice to read some more good words from your most excellent blog and I hope you and your family are well; especially your son.

    1. The Redneck Princess Post author

      Hahahhahaha…thanks for the laugh Richard, I will definitely hit block if he tries to talk to me again…we are all good here :) the son is healing up nicely and is nearly back to his piss and vinegar self :)

  12. JanB

    Hey, D.
    First I had to Google for POF, because I had no idea what that meant. ;)
    *Some* guys are like that I guess. What can you do? Well there’s the off/on button / block thingy. I haven’t been on ‘dating’ sites, other than the proverbial curiosity, I guess. ;)
    It just happens everywhere, and by everybody. There are some women out there that are the same.
    Bur you’re right when you’re saying that for some weird reason it’s apparently ok to say things ‘online’ that you wouldn’t do otherwise. I like to flirt once in a while, i’ll admit to that but I draw the line there.

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