I am a little obsessed, but I don’t really know why…

I am a little obsessed, but I don’t really know why…

With Steven Tyler. I mean seriously, look at the guy…

He is too skinny, he has beady eyes, and I promised myself from when I was 20 that I would NEVER like boys with rock star hair…and he is 63, ok, he looks pretty good for 63,  but you know what I mean right??

There is just something about this guy maybe kinda like a car crash that makes it hard to look away.

I think the attraction with me may be that he is unpredictable, and says whatever the hell he wants to. I find that endearing, in a fucked up way.

American Idol starts tonight, and I am more than ever totally realizing that I need to get a life… because I am really excited about it.

It is the one show that will win out over hockey. I am finding I like it now better than when Simon was on it, mostly in part to Steven being there instead. When I first heard he was on there, I was like … WHAT? are they mental? That ain’t gonna work.

But it has. He is constantly amusing and controversial.

He is honest, he owns his shit and calls others on theirs, and he seems to be a really nice guy. That’s charming. That is what draws me to him.

Oh and I forgot to tell you, I am going as him for Halloween this year, I mean if you look at the side by side pictures, it is terrifying how easily I am going to be  able to pull that off, a few feathers, a bad hair day, some lycra pants and a scarf, I have it down pat. Maybe he is my real Dad…

Bhahahahahah…KIDDING MOM!!!!

So while the press bombards us with pictures of Steven’s Moobs… and seriously guys, I don’t care how much money you have, no 63 year old man should wear a camo speedo. Just saying…

We seem to stay enamored with him, for reasons unknown.

I just think we should do it when he is dressed.

Happy American Idol night everyone!!

20 thoughts on “I am a little obsessed, but I don’t really know why…

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  2. Andy

    I know what you mean, kind of. How you find him attractive- well, I’m addicted to the man! I’m only 14 and I absolutely love him. Something about him I find him undoubtedly attractive. I’m mentally married to him (aha) and I swear, one of these days I’m gonna get on American Idol just to kiss him!

    I guess I’ll sing, too, maybe stick around and see him again if I’m any good (wink wink).

  3. Megan

    I’ve not always been a fan of his to be honest…. BUT I do LOVE him on Idol! I think him being on there may have suckered me back into watching this season! :)

  4. Beth - The Botut

    When I hear his name I immediately think Lips. I must admit I have a little lip envy going on. I mean, with volume like that Juvederm and the other fillers pale in comparison!

  5. Gwen

    Yes in a f’d up kinda way. He definately has a way with his words.
    They try to draw you in with his wild ways on their commercials.
    I’m not an Idol fan, sorry. Did watch the end, my Mom is a die hard.
    Gonna try the Voice again this year, really liked it last time.
    Did a side by side. Scary likeness, must has gotten your Mom’s less collegenie lips. LOL


  6. Sandi

    I remember seeing a picture of him after he had fallen in the shower while performing in Las Vegas(?) He looked terribly old as he knocked out a front tooth and looked homeless. I heard someone interviewing him about it and he never said why he passed out, whether it was a medical condition. He claims he’s sober. He looks great in this photo, looks like he got some new teeth!

    Seems like a cool guy. I think his daughter, Liv Tyler is so pretty in the next door girl kind of way. I love all the movies she’s been in That Thing You do, Lord of the Rings, and that record movie, and Armagedeon.

    Lake Forest, CA USA

    1. The Redneck Princess Post author

      He says he has been sober for two years now, ya the missing tooth pic was a little disturbing. Mind you we all have days when we look 20 years older than we really are, at least I do :)

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