I Resolute…

I Resolute…

Ha…tricked ya. Cause not really.

I gave up making New Years Resolutions eons ago.

Because I SUCK at it.

When I used to smoke, I vowed to quit smoking every. single. year.

So I ran out of things to resolute about 11 years ago now.  Not that I am perfect, very very far from it…but I just don’t have anything that I want to change that I wouldn’t just change anyways. I think putting the pressure on yourself every year at the beginning of a brand new year is crazy.

I want to start out positive, not pissed at myself because I can’t pull off some big plan that is not going to pan out just because I planned to do it on a drunken night the day before the year starts.

My decision making is not very good when I am half cut at the best of times…just saying.

The only thing is that this year I nearly feel like I need to make a resolution. It might be life changing. It is definitely something I haven’t been able to pull off since I was about 12.

I don’t know why I have had such a hard time with it, I guess I am just to impatient, too insecure and it has been like a safety net for me to hide behind for like…ever.

I have envied the girls that can pull it off. I just have no idea how they do it.

So this year I am going to try my hardest to make it happen, I can always change back in a heartbeat if I decide I don’t like it the way it ends up right?

So here we go, this is like the big reveal, the first time in forever that I am making a big huge life changing promise to myself.

I am growing out my bangs.

I know right?

You heard me…

I am going to not have bangs for the first time in, um….35 years.

I have a long freaking way to go…

Like 10 inches or so. So hopefully by this time next year I will be there. I did say I am impatient. My chances are fairly slim…

But hey, if you don’t try you never know right?

Maybe I will catch some of hot girls fashion sense too. Well except for the tail….well not the kind of tail she has going on there anyways. Some kind of tail would be nice.

Maybe I am resoluting about the wrong damn thing.

Gah…see this is why I don’t do this crap, I have no idea if I am making the right choice or not.

Or I could just resolute to have more of everything good, that would cover all the bases and not make me look like an unfinisher.

Oh well, in the end it really doesn’t matter anyways does it? I mean who the hell is going to remember the resolution 5 weeks in, we are all getting old, no one remembers anything anymore.

That’s what I am counting on at least.

If I do manage to pull it off, I will obviously keep you updated.

Happy New Years everyone!! May all your resolutions hopes and dreams come true!

22 thoughts on “I Resolute…

  1. Susan

    Good Luck with the bangs, I grew mine out last year, and …..it was annoying. Headbands and pinning them back help as well as hats!!!
    I do not make resolutions anymore either. This year I did because I had made plans anyway, so I thought maybe if I also make it a New Years resolution I will have a little more momentum…hmm, we’ll see!

  2. Megan

    Ya, so if you read my second post last night, after I already told you goodnight, I “broke” my “resolution” already… not even an hour into the new year. LOL. Fuck it. That’s where I’m at…

    I sooooooo wish I could have long hair… the longest it’s been in recent years is my shoulders and i give up at that point mainly because I have the limpest (a word?!?) hair imaginable. Doesn’t matter the product I use or the way I style it… it could look like I stuck my finger in an electrical socket just after I finish my hair and 20 minutes later it’s a flat and blah as it can be. Soooo that also means bangs are a huge no, no for me. Unless I wanna walk around looking like I’ve got dirty hair all the time. GOOD LUCK with growing your bangs out… Your ‘wanna be’ hair goal is super gorgeous, but you my friend already are. :)

    Thanks for the texts last night… you are truly the best. xoxo

  3. Janis

    RESOLVE!! That is the verb to use…resolute is an adjective and makes no sense the way you’ve used it!

    Ummm, and Happy New Year! :)

  4. Brenda

    Good luck with that Donna. I tried last year and gave up! hehe I do plan on trying again this year though. It’s hard, especially when they get to the point you can’t do anything with them but pin em back! UGH!

    Good luck again and Happy New Year!

  5. Jan B

    Best wishes, Donna. ;)
    Resolutions don’t work unless you plan them way in advance and the best way to NOT make it, is make a resolution for the 1st of the new year… I got one resolution this year and that is to NOT make any resolutions.

    Bangs! Good luck with them and we want piccies as proof you’ve kept that one. ;-P

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