It’s so all about me…

It’s so all about me…

Today it is anyways.

I feel 100% better than I did yesterday. It’s amazing how a me day will do that isn’t it?

I worked out this morning. Brutally. This is good. I needed to feel the burn and feel like I was really doing something. Mission accomplished.

Next…haircut. Yes, three months overdue on that one, nuff said.

Lunch with my darling Phyllis, which was delicious and much needed nutrition for me at this point. I haven’t been eating enough for some reason lately :) and not eating bread is changing everything for me so I am sort of going through the transition that it seems to involve.

After lunch I went to see my friend Chris at her consignment store. She owns Classy Katz in Willow Point. If you have never been there, you need to go. I don’t care if you live in Portugal, get over here, really.

Now this girl has a well kept secret in her back room. Granted she has tried to talk me into going in before, but for some reason it never seemed to happen. Today it occured to me it may just be the perfect day, and I really needed to feel like I was on a  beach in Mexico sucking up the sun.

So I did it.

She has a sauna in the back, the room is cut off from the store, you lock yourself into this other world for a half an hour. And it is amazing. I wanted to go back in as soon as I got out.

The sauna is not your usual sauna, it is a Radiant Health Sauna, you can check out more about it on their website here at Radiant Health Saunas.

I never would have believed it if I hadn’t done it myself, which is of course why it took me so long.

My hips and of course the cramps, that were nearly killing me before I went in…don’t even hurt right now. I am not even kidding here. I was in there for 36 minutes. I was in heaven. It is warm with lights, and soft music…I meditated, pretended I was naked on a beach and came out brand fucking new.

The only thing missing was the Margarita…I will work on that part.

I am absolutely going to be making this a regular stop in my week. I feel great.

Oh and it costs $15 for drop in for the sauna or $100 for 10 visits, well worth it, I promise you.

Funny how much difference a day can make isn’t it? It is good to start out on a high note for the upcoming weekend.

I have a date…

That’s all you get. Remember, I am not blogging about him.

Even though he apparently doesn’t scare easily. Lucky me.

Happy Friday my loves xoxo

27 thoughts on “It’s so all about me…

  1. Rose

    Good for you Donna, you deserved to have a special day to pamper yourself. Thanks for the motivation, I am in desperate need of one myself.

  2. Heidi

    If I were to pass you on the street this day, I’m sure I would see a giant spring in your step. Life is good for you! I can feel it from here. Keep on living! Oh…and good luck with the man. How long do wanna bet before you just HAVE to blog about him?

    1. The Redneck Princess Post author

      Hehehehe…Heidi :) Eventually he will more than likely work his way into the blog :) for now, I am keeping it low profile…but I will say that I like him, and we are having fun!

  3. SpilledInkGuy

    I’ve never been in a sauna before…
    although it does get fairly humid here in the summer, so… I’ve got that going for me. Which is nice. Or warm, anyway.

  4. JM Randolph

    Fantastic day. I love saunas too. Something I don’t do nearly often enough. They remind me of Arizona where I used to live (when I was single. and child-free. ahh.)

  5. Barb

    Surprising the difference a day makes Donna – and the sauna sounds awesome!
    Enjoy your date (ya gotta tell us a little bit about him).

  6. Richard Wiseman

    Good for you! Yeah it’s amazing what a change of habits or some focus on our minds and bodies can do for us. I’ve taken to running the 3 miles home from work and I get so much energy from doing it. So you’ve got a date. Good of you not to blog about him; that’s got to be a bit of a nightmare for a guy to have a date with someone who writes a well read and much liked blog, such as yours. Still, if he reads your blog he’ll know what a strong person you are and so he’ll mind his P’s and Q’s. Have fun. You deserve it.

  7. pip

    I’d love to join you and Phylis for a lunch and a natter. or is that Natter and lunch…? Moving into the realms of fantasy wouln’t it be great if in one click of a mouse I could join you. It will probably happen, but not in my lifetime!
    “Me time” is good. Sometimes our lives get in a rut and we end up like one of those little hamsters on an exercise wheel

  8. Cam

    sauna is very beneficial, I don’t agree with the fad of “detoxification diets” that focus on the gastro-intestinal approach, intake can be modified, sweat removes metals and salts and contamination. Sport or exercise has the powerful benefit of raising your cardio function, and most importantly, inflating your lungs to full capacity, clearing out mucous and the septic environment. I play hockey and if I have a cold, blowing it out on the ice has befitted me. I did have a relationship with a Finlander woman, in Finland, sauna is usually a wood stove in a wooden shack, where you slap your family with boughs, and then jump into a hole in the ice-covered lake!
    Raising your body temp and sweating is a good thing, the cold virus does not survive much past body temp for instance. I really would like to have a sauna in my next house, and I don’t need a frozen lake.
    Hope your date goes well, Donna, and this is from a crazy drunken freak that Google spells for him. :)

    1. The Redneck Princess Post author

      Hahahaha…oh Cam…you are in no way one of the crazy POF guys my friend, I hope you know that :) I am lucky to have met you and kept you as one of my friends. I always look forward to your funny comments and good advice :) If you are interested in getting a sauna, check these ones out, you could have one in the place you are in now, and they are amazing!!! I have a link on the blog that takes you to the site :)

  9. Megan

    sweet! Double date day. ;) I will absolutely text you and let you know! And I won’t impose too long into your date, I promise. love you too chickadee xoxo

      1. Megan

        Ain’t that the freaking truth!?! We’ve talked pretty much every day since he for my number& seems to be funny, considerate & interested. The ball is bound to drop sooner or later; I just know it! His “normalcy” is what’s making me nervous. Isn’t that sad?! We shall see.. you’ll be the first to know. :)

  10. Megan

    Glad today is better!!! My turn today…. eh, not really. Just was a stressful day. But YAY! for a date coming up!!! Mine’s tomorrow! Gah!!! xoxo

    1. The Redneck Princess Post author

      Megan…you so better text me tomorrow night and tell me how it’s going :) We will both be on dates, but mine will be later than yours and he will understand if you send me a message :) love you girl xoxo

  11. Robyn

    Woo Hoo! Lucky you. I had a hair appointment too, makes the world of difference!

    Could also do with a Margarita – later in the day perhaps.

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