Pretend snow day…

Pretend snow day…

We are getting ripped off…

I know, I know…I am the one that steps on the snow fairy with my boot, or kicks her ass all the way to Jaye-Anne’s house, but this time, I secretly wanted it to snow.

I don’t have anything important going on now that the first date is over, and I would rather it snow now when I can enjoy it than in February when it is going to interfere with work.

There is two feet in Chilliwack…

There is a skim here and a few lame flakes falling from the sky. I should probably be careful what I wish for.

I should also probably get my ass out of my nice warm bed, go have a shower and go get some groceries. If it does snow, we may starve to death. I haven’t got anything but potatoes and cheerios.

Mmmm….maybe I will make some potato pancakes for breakfast…

I have snow day attention span, even without the snow.

And nothing to focus on.

My house is clean. It’s not workout day. It’s almost too cold to go for a walk.

I am thinking after breakfast and shopping I might have to make the kid some cookies. The Martha Stewart in me has been dormant since Christmas. Or on a beach in Mexico without me. Cow.

I also just realized that I never did my Munchie Monday post. I was trying too, really. For some reason yesterday, I couldn’t access the dashboard on the blog in the morning. It then totally slipped my mind. I will get it up later….

The post I mean. It’s a good one. Embellishments for your Ceasar. Delicious.

Ok…I am outta here. My tummy is growling now. I will never get anything accomplished from bed. Unfortunately.

Have a great Tuesday luvvies.

7 thoughts on “Pretend snow day…

  1. Sandi

    Poor Bill, he was going to travel to Seattle, WA on Monday afternoon. However, they were expecting a big snow storm…and his rep said they wouldn’t be able to get around and would be stuck on the pass, etc. So, Bill paid the extra fee to postpone his trip to this morning. Of course,the storm ended up being bigger than expected and is still going, so now he will probably be stuck in San Francisco as his plane to Seattle will more than likely be delayed, possibly canceled. He’s pissed. He wishes he would have gone on Monday afterall, and worked from his hotel during the heaviest snow days…now he’s going to be be stuck in an airport. He couldn’t afford to postpone it again and have more fees.

    So, you could be in that situation. Does that make you feel better? :)

    Lake Forest, CA USA

    P.S. I’m thinking he’d like some of your cookies right about that time.

  2. Brenda

    I keep praying for snow here! We are getting ripped off too! Last year, we had 2 major blasts by this time! Argh!! I wish I wish I knew a good snow ritual cause I’d be performing it STAT! LMAO

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