The Viking in me…

The Viking in me…

Is screaming to get out.

I have been working out  faithfully for the last two weeks. My arms hurt, my ass curses me every time I sit down, and actually getting up again is like someone ripping my thigh and calf muscles from my body.

That’s good right?

I have muscles in my boobs that I didn’t even know where there…you didn’t know there was muscles in your boobs did you? Trust me, there is, and they are nasty little (or big, if you are anyone else) buggers.

We won’t even get started on my stomach muscles, or how they nearly make me cry, no matter what I am doing.

Getting healthy is hard.

And painful.

But I have made a vow to myself to never go back to work as out of shape as I was last year. I nearly died, I swear. Getting into shape in a week, hard core full out 8 hours a day is never recommended. My job is pretty physical and not being in shape after sitting on the couch for two months was just plain stupid.

So this year I chose to kill myself slowly and gradually. I know I will be grateful when the time comes for me to go back to work. I feel stronger and healthier already. I am still having trouble eating properly, mostly because I am bored and keep baking stuff, which I then in turn EAT.

Balance is everything right? If I eat an apple, I should get a cookie too.

And I will just do a few more sit ups, tricking the muffin top might be an option.

I am really looking forward to spring as I always do at this time of year, I can’t wait to get back out in the yard and the fresh air, back to a schedule where I actually leave the house every day.

I have had two full days now where I haven’t left the house…in all actuality, I never even really got dressed, because having a shower and then putting clean jammies on doesn’t count.

It’s cold out there. I don’t really have anywhere to go…so it’s all good right? My house is clean, my hair is dyed, my toes are polished and my kids have cookies.

Today I upped the number of reps on my weights as well as upping the weights, so tomorrow is sketchy too, I might not be able to move, or walk without crying. Or looking like I got hit by a truck….or something. It’s hard to look like a viking when you are grimacing in pain every time you move.

I am always a work in progress…as you all know. This week it is just my physical body instead of my mind. It’s a nice change even if it does physically make me want a 20 year old body that hasn’t got any need for the pain I am putting this old one through.

And at this point, I am thankful that  I can feel the burn and the pain in my boobs. It means I am alive.

That’s always a good thing.

Happy Saturday peeps xoxo

19 thoughts on “The Viking in me…

  1. Separated Dad

    Hi RNP!

    I like your theory that “If (you) eat an apple, (you) should get a cookie too” and hope you can sell that to health magazines as a properly balanced diet.

    I’m sure we’ll all be thrilled to read more stories about your boobs and their muscles. If you need to compare with Wonder Woman, she (Lynda Carter) lives a few miles from me.. :)

  2. Sandi

    I used to take spinning classes a lot! Every time there was a new student, they would complain about their private area being sore…but never knew how to communicate that and I thought it was so funny, the instructor said

    “Let’s call those the ‘sit bones.'”

    That has forever stuck with me! We recently got rid of my gym membership and purchased one of these refurbished spin bikes for our home. I got on it Friday, (it’s been a long time since before the holidays) and my damn sit bones still hurt today! UGH!

    stupid out-of-shape body. Apparently, as you gain more leg strength you don’t sit on the seat as hard. Right now, I’m barely hanging on…

    Lake Forest, CA USA

  3. Heidi

    If you’re living life the way you should, you’re always a work in progress. I just got back to the gym this week. Give me 4-5 days and I’ll be right there with you. Fun post to read!

  4. Ronn Jordan

    As the new year approached I realized that the most important thing missing from my life was religion and since I am an agnostic I decided to drink religiously…but only on the days that ended in “y”. So cheers to you my friend, the only working out I will be doing is 16 oz. curls, I know it’s not a lot of weight but I plan on doing lots of reps to build definition.
    Seriously though all the best, I am coming up on one year without smoking and trying to eat better. That has been extremely hard, I dread the idea of starting to really work out. May the force be with you and your pain-ridden boobs.


  5. Rafa acmewolf

    I remember the first time I joined in a gym for bodybuilding extreme. I was 22. I lifted weights in normal gyms and equipment, but nothing to do with it. Donna, after the first week I could not get out of bed. I had to throw myself out of bed! By the way, I ended up buying that gym and business for 5 years. I met my first girlfriend there and she became Miss Valencia (Spain) in bodybuilding. This brings me good memories.I practiced bodybuilding until age 33. I still have some muscle now 44. I try to stay athletic. I will put a picture on twitpic on my twitter now. I don’t lie hey!

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