Weekly Photo Challenge~Peaceful

Weekly Photo Challenge~Peaceful

Here is a picture I took on my Dad’s farm, I was standing that close to the deer, no zoom…they are so tame :)

Have a great Saturday my friends!!!!


21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge~Peaceful

  1. Cris

    That’s what I call a barrel-chested deer!

    The deer I run across (sometimes literally) are not tame. I drive all night and am constantly (well, maybe not constantly, but all too often) dodging them with my vehicle. It seems they like to run out in front of my car a lot. Sometimes into it. :(

  2. Jan B

    It looks peaceful to me, what could be nicer to have those animals in your ‘back yard’. Beats the hell out of having a moose there. (Not that I have any…) ;)

    // Jan

  3. pip

    You are lucky being able to take the picture of deer at such close quarters. It obviously felt at “peace” with you.

  4. Rafa acmewolf

    WOW Donna, I’ve only been this close to a deer in Arizona, Grand Canyon North Rim. I think the deer was tame because when I parked my car, deer looked at to watch if I offered him some food. When I showed him my empty hands he turned around. In Spain once I installed a motion-sensing camera in “Sierra de Cazorla” in Jaen, Andalusia (mating season) and I got very good results. OK, Have a nice saturday too!
    PS: My smartphone (iPhone) died a few days by a direct impact and I have the new one, a Samsung Galaxy mini (android) because I have an iPad2 and I will not spend so money on another iPhone. :)

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