When stuff just falls to the wayside…

When stuff just falls to the wayside…

I am the worst website owner EVER.

You see, once upon a time, long long ago…I had a website about Mustangs. That is how my online obsession actually started. With my obsession with my Mustang.

It was a site that took up many hours of my life, kind of like my blog does now. I met many friends there, some life long, some just in passing.

Finally when my life got too busy for the website, I decided to shut it down and just keep the forum up and running.

The forum is still online. Unfortunately with the takeoff of facebook, nearly everyone left the forum. Except GeeTee…he is faithful and a lot of time, the only one still on there mostly because he is too damn stubborn to join facebook. Occasionally 68gtfastback will show up to make fun of GeeTee.

I was doing alright for a while, I would check in randomly, though not nearly as much as I should have, and say hello.

Tonight when I was stumbling around the internet, I realized it has been months since I have been on there. Months.

What kind of shitty forum owner does that? I can’t even apologize and make it better after that long can I? Hell no.

The funny thing is I have sort of been that way with the Mustang for the last few years too. It just has felt like the time is lacking and the love affair has slackened off.

Today I should have been driving her, it was a beautiful day and the roads aren’t covered in too much salt, it would have been amazing. So I have made the call that if it is as nice tomorrow as it was today, I am taking her out. I am going to shine her up and just drive around til I run out of gas. Ok, well maybe just before that, but you know what I mean.

A road trip to Courtenay sounds like a fine plan to me…maybe some pics along the way.

I also checked in on the forum

There was no one there, it was like a ghost town with memories of good times that are far in the past…I was a little sad.

It made me start up a new group on facebook, since the one I had before has been archived, whatever the hell that means.

If you have a cool car and want to join up, check it out here. I should have resoluted yes Janis I know it’s wrong, I did it to make you crazy to be a better Mustang owner instead of growing my bangs out, though I suppose it is not to late to commit to both things is it?

You don’t ever not look cool driving a Mustang, even when your hair is in mid nightmare. So here is to finding one more thing to fall in love with all over again. Something that was the love of my life for longer than most men. It’s time to bring her back to where I once wanted to get her, shiny and fast. I have some work to do, and this is going to be the year.

But just for tomorrow, I am going to drive. Just drive.

And smile. The whole damn time.

Because that is why I got involved in this whole scene in the first place.  I LOVE driving my car, every little thing about it.

The exhaust that will probably kill me if the window isn’t down a bit, the growl of the 289 as I put my foot down and take off down the road where hopefully there are no cops, cause I don’t really need a ticket, but can’t help myself, the shine of the purple paint as the sun shines down on us…the smiles I get from people passing by, remembering the last time they were in a Mustang, bringing back memories of days gone by when life was far more simpler than it is today.

Just what I need right now. In all parts of my life. Simple. Smiles. Happy.

Happy Wednesday my friends…


14 thoughts on “When stuff just falls to the wayside…

  1. Robyn

    I agree you are a terrible website owner. How could you!

    Your punishment is to ship the Mustang to Australia on the first available ship!

    Oh, and visit me on the latest link, RNP – I think YOU will enjoy the topic immensely. I don’t know why, it just strikes me it is up your alley!

  2. Barb

    Get in that baby and let her rip! (But don’t get a ticket!) ;)
    After all you have been through lately, just enjoy the ride with the breeze through your hair and a smile on your face!

  3. Lian

    After all you’ve been through these past months you deserve some fun. Put everything aside and have fun driving tomorrow! Hope we’ll hear about your journey here :)

  4. Brenda

    You totally rock girl! Request sent on the group. I have a secret and have something in the works so with me good luck! ;) I miss my stangs!

  5. Lisa

    Funny, I just read that most companies have 178 different social network sites that they are on, imagine 178! I haven’t added up mine yet but I can see how one could easily slip through the cracks like your forum. Enjoy the ride!

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