Who needs therapy??

Who needs therapy??

When you have a Mustang.

Because seriously, today was pretty much the best day I have had in I don’t know how long.

The sun was shining, the car ran like a dream…other than the fact that there is an exhaust leak, a leak that in my head is minor, but in real life might be a bit more than that. Hell, just keep the window cracked, the buzz from the exhaust is a bonus right?

This is what I did all day…

That’s right…couldn’t stop smiling. I love driving that car, you have to smile.

I got asked 4 times if I wanted to sell it.


Smiles from passers by and hot boys…I don’t know, like a hundred.

Lesson of the day…

The heater in a 67 Mustang sucks, it actually doesn’t even really count as a heater, so if you are gonna drive her in the winter, wear lots of clothes. More clothes than I wore today.

Note to self, google where the heater buttons are actually supposed to be to make the heat come OUT, I will be damned if I could figure it out, mind you it worked way better once I realized I was driving with the VENT wide open. You just can’t cover up blonde…

She is a poser…

Nice ass though right?? She works out. Apparently harder than I do, though I did this morning. I won’t be able to move my arms or legs tomorrow, and my ass already hurts. No pain, no gain. Whoever came up with that needs a good smack.

I just wanted you all to know, that I have plans to one day in the next 20 years to be the proud owner of THIS Mustang…

Oh yes I will, if I have to sell my house and my kids, dog, cat and body…I am going to own one of these cars.

I am drooling right now. And it seems to have the same effect on my heart that a hot boy that is madly in love with me has.

I will TAKE THE CAR!!!

I will also have to move somewhere warm so I can drive it every. single. day. for the rest of my life.

Some days I will drive them both, Jezzebelle is too pretty to just leave in the garage…

She also has a mind of her own, and will follow stray boys driving down the road in very close vicinity…

Kinda like a puppy…only prettier, faster and with no drool.

She really likes the beach, and goes out of her way down strange roads to find the coolest spots…

All the way from Courtenay to Campbell River.

And while we were in Courtenay we had coffee with a good friend :) who earlier played me a song on the radio…guess which song?

Yep…it was the best of days.

Happy Thursday my loves xoxo

I also want to say Happy Birthday to my Mommy…I love you Betty-Lou!! Have the best birthday ever, and make Dad take you out for dinner somewhere delicious!!! xoxoxo

17 thoughts on “Who needs therapy??

  1. Lisa

    Sure looks like you you an awesome time in that car! Really nice pics too by the way. Great way of living in the present moment.

  2. Janis

    I’m just picturing the guy in front watching you take a picture of his car…and wondering if he should be afraid!
    He probably should be…:0

  3. Gwen

    How true, driving is my therapy as well.
    Does it matter what you drive – Hell Ya!
    I miss the days when I could borrow the boss’ Mustang 5.0 litre convertible for the weekend. ((Mind you I question his colour preference – green and tan – but wtf I got to drive the pony and for that tan be damned. Thank the driving gods they didn’t check kms back then LOL.(I’m retired from Ford)).
    Miss that pretty prrrr you could hear for blocks and the rumblin’ you feel course through your body.
    For now I’ll just get in and drive my MKT and also share the dream of one day putting the Cobra in my driveway.

    Enjoy – Gwen

  4. Brenda

    Ahhh now your blogging to my heart gf! You can sell a Mustang but you can never remove the hoof prints from her heart. This I know from experience. :) You always go back! Awesome pics and love your permagrin!

  5. Rafa acmewolf

    WOW! I can see that you really spent very well. I’m glad a lot Donna.
    Fresh air is always good, but you must watching the leak in the exhaust manifold! It is possible that the leak in the exhaust is only by a gasket.

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