I see you talking the talk…

I see you talking the talk…

But I ain’t feeling you walking the walk.

I have to say I am done and pretty much gone.

Why is it that people need to take other people’s power away in order to make themselves feel more powerful?? Why is it that it always takes me longer than is good to get that?

I mean how many times do you take that kicked in the gut feeling before it’s like…enough already?

Well for me that day was yesterday.

I woke up with some insight, with some clarity and just knowing that everything I have been pushing away, everything I was thinking was all in my head…actually wasn’t.

It’s funny how your mind can play tricks on you. How people can manipulate a situation to make you feel nuts.

I felt like that a lot when I was married. It was my husbands favorite game. I know better, I know the signs. I know that kicked in the gut feeling.

I don’t like it, nor will I accept it in my life. It’s not ok.

So I am moving away from the power sucking. I deserve to be loved completely. I deserve to be treated with respect and love, I want nothing less than that.

I am honoring the fact that anything less than that is not good enough. Sometimes people aren’t on the same page. That’s ok. Your truth may be 100% different than my truth is. The big difference is that I am honest about my truth, and I won’t be played. It’s not good enough for me for you to say what I want to hear. No one wins, no one will be happy…in the end it will just suck.

I am a smart girl, regardless of what you want to believe. Or what your story to your friends will be. I don’t really care. I know who I am, I know what I want, I know what I deserve. That is absolutely all that matters to me at this point.

So sad though I am that it was all a ruse and not what I was led to believe it was. I once again have learned a lesson. I guess I will continue to learn it until someone smacks me in the head with a fucking 2×4 or something.

It’s all good.

I am a tough chick, I bounce back, I heal fast. In three weeks you won’t even be a memory to me…it was mostly fun while it lasted but I refuse to give anything more away than that. Life is too short to not be completely happy and honest.

So onto the next adventure I move, or not. It doesn’t really matter to me that much. I have friends to love and a life to live, it’s not going to be my loss.


18 thoughts on “I see you talking the talk…

  1. ElizOF

    See the blessing in your recognition of unsatisfactory conditions and move forward. It takes some of us a lifetime to get there…

  2. Robyn

    Hey, sorry, mate. I found, in a brief flirtation with internet dating, that it really wasn’t worth the effort. I DO think for the younger ones, it can work – I knew lots of successful partnerships as a result, but they were ALL in their 20s and 30s. Once you get to the 40+ range, all the good ones are taken – literally. Check out the stats of that age group of the male:female ratio – WAY more women – so the good ones don’t stay single long, there are too many women competing for the same men.

    Stick to your guns and DO NOT COMPROMISE!!!

  3. mo

    Oh my….even at this age these &*(^()^(*)& exist! I haven’t dated in 10 years and this is what I have to look forward to? I know that not all of them are idiots or mind &*(&)*&_*(, BUT! And I do mean a big BUT! Life is way too short for me. For now I continue on the journey and propel myself to brighter and brighter horizons. Who knows? I may stay single til the day I die, with many clamoring for my attention from all global points. WISH :P…..Sometimes it seems that my being the dumper instead of dumpee has served me well to a point. BUT! It also attracts the victim-minded sorts or those who want a mommy. Alright already….when did you stop growing up peter pan??!! What’s up with that??!!

  4. Richard Wiseman

    Sounds good to me. You keep hacking through that ‘jungle’ there’s a ‘clearing’ and open country ahead of you if you just keep cutting through the creepers long enough. God bless.

  5. Heidi

    I love how candid, courageous and strong you sound here. You deserve all you want from life. I certainly play the same tune, Donna. Some days it’s easier to cheer myself on than others. But we gotta keep the fists pumping!!
    I think you might like this blog post. It rings the same tune as yours…but in a different voice.
    Stay true…that’s what your followers love!!!

  6. Rebecca

    You made a great statement. “It’s funny how your mind can play tricks on you. How people can manipulate a situation to make you feel nuts.” Check out this site. http://www.youarenotcrazy.com/
    It led me to books by Patricia Evans….you may need to hear it as much as I did. It changed my life. Love ya girl! Love, Me

  7. lizziecracked

    Well said! Well lived! Would that we had learned the lessons we learn now when we were younger but then where would we be? Ignorance is bliss but once you know someone is mind fucking you and enjoys it for sport – it is most uncomfortable. I always thought that I would never fall for it again yet i do – it’s just that I don’t spend 10 years of my life hoping – I have learned to spot the shit talkers non walkers but not right away…

    I nominated you for the ABC Award – the link is the one I checked if you would like to go check it out. :-) I figured you might already have it but wasn’t sure – and you should.

    :-) Peace

    1. The Redneck Princess Post author

      Thank you Lizzie…and ya, I hear ya. My problem is I trust everyone right out of the gate, the reality is I don’t want to lose that, but it is getting harder and harder over time I tell ya…

  8. Eileen

    I guess I will continue to learn it until someone smacks me in the head with a fucking 2×4 or something.

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