I should have been blogging…

I should have been blogging…

I am waiting for Bruce to get out of physio. (And no I didn’t break him….) Sitting in the truck with the stinky dog and listening to tunes. It just occurred to me that I should be writing about something…anything.

But listening to tunes and doing nothing seemed to work for me for the first half hour.

And I don’t really have anything insightful to tell you.

Unless you want to hear about the dumb grin that is still on my face.

Or how happy I am.

Or how much I want it to be summer…or at least spring. Mind you, today was a snow day. Snow days rock.

Or I could tell you that Bruce is being a brat today. It is anti bullying day, but I might have to beat him up by the end of the day. Or spank him…I am sure that will end with me not coming out winning. Or will it?

I could also tell you how much more I love Courtenay than Campbell River to shop…shops pretty much kick ass here. Well except the Garden Centres of course.

And now he is back to the truck…after being stuck with pins. Serves him right for picking on me all day :)

Happy hump day loves.


16 thoughts on “I should have been blogging…

  1. Janb

    Good to hear things are going well, blogging buddy. ;) Maybe I said this before,but you really deserve a long lasting grin on your face!

  2. Heidi

    Courtenay and Campbell River???? Are you in British Columbia? My brother lives in Campbell River. Keep smiling RNP. Don’t forget…you’re a writer. Keep sharing the love. Of I were you, I would spank him…it can get interesting after that. Lol.

      1. Heidi

        He sure does!!!!!! Unreal!!!! Where does the karma, destiny, and luck come into this discovery? What does this mean??? Lol. Okay, maybe it’s just an unbelievable coincidence. Sooooo, if u see my bro give him a ….gotchee pull and tell him it’s from his sister in ONTERRIBLE!! Wow, this is crazy. You should email me ;)

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