I’m not dead…

I’m not dead…

Exactly the opposite actually. I haven’t been this happy in a very long time…like maybe ever.

We have barely been apart since the day we met. I know…it’s crazy.

No one knows that better than the two of us. But it is what it is and baby I am going with it, because it is all good.

So I just thought I would check in, let you know that I am back to work. So that is taking up time as well. The season looks like it is going to start up screaming…we like it that way :)

I promise I haven’t deserted you forever, I will be back with more entertaining dirty old men at the garden center stories soon.

And maybe a picture or two eventually.

I hope you all had a fabulous Valentines Day :)

Love you all…

13 thoughts on “I’m not dead…

  1. Richard Wiseman

    Excellent! Great to hear that you are happy, you deserve it. Small downside is that you having a good time means less laughter and thought provoking reading for me, small price to pay to know that such a good person as yourself is enjoying richly deserved good times. God bless you and your family & long may your happiness continue!

  2. Four-Legged Mom

    Enjoy life and live it up girl. We aren’t getting any longer. We’re still waiting on the dirt when you have time but for now…………………… go with the flow and enjoy!

  3. JanB

    Way to go, Donna. Guess Cupid’s got good aim! Follow your heart, like I always say.
    P.s. No new ink with *names* in them (yet), k? :-)

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