5 minutes of me….

5 minutes of me….

I have decided that as absolutely as much as I have been totally sucking at blogging….every day I need to give thanks. It might not always be what you expect, but it will probably make you smile….I have missed you all and can’t wait to talk to you all soon….

Today…I am thankful for understanding and love. For love you never thought you’d find…for understanding while you grow and learn and love each other.

Thank you Universe. He was worth the wait. I couldn’t be more blessed…

18 thoughts on “5 minutes of me….

  1. Marnie Byod

    You are truly blessed! You deserve all the good things you have now and I believe God will bless you even more. Stay good and humble! :)

  2. Maryam

    You are such a great woman, and I know that you have a brilliant ideas in writing an article, looking forward for more update…

  3. ShirlleyFai

    Writing is sometimes playing a major role in our life and it can express our feelings…We are glad you are back happily!

  4. JanB

    “Worth the wait”, don’t get all mushy now. ;) I know where you’re coming from, D. Just do what you’d like to do. Just follow your heart (That’s getting old, huh?).
    The blogging will come back in due time. After all, it should be fun. Cheers!

  5. MO

    Amazing how love can turn the tides of ones life. While I’ve missed your posts, I certainly can relate and there is no need for apology! Love makes the world go ’round, what more can I say? What more can we all say?

  6. Heidi

    Blogging should add to life, not control it :) So, don’t feel bad even for a minute! You’re living the dream!! Love truly is the most comforting and rewarding experience. Now run a couple blocks down the road an say hi to my brother for me. Lol.

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