And it’s off to Gibsons we go.

And it’s off to Gibsons we go.

To terrorize my parents…

To introduce everyone…

And for a much needed mini vacation away from the River…

I will take lots of pictures and I am nearly positive there will be a good story or two as we are taking both of the dogs and walking on the ferry. God knows that never goes well for me. I am sure it won’t change this time :)

I am so looking forward to going back home though!!

I will update with pictures as we go…

Till then…happy hump day friends :)


8 thoughts on “And it’s off to Gibsons we go.

  1. Marnie Byod

    Wow, that was great! Have a great time spending and taking time to take more pictures. I am totally looking forward on it.

  2. Renea

    Hope you had a safe and enjoy trip…Looking forward to see your photo on your next blog..Thanks for sharing with us..

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