Saturday Afternoon Shenanigans

Saturday Afternoon Shenanigans

We are admittedly the laziest couple ever on the weekends. Well until after lunch anyways…

I am so more than awesome with that. Today we were on a mission to get wood. Or Bruce was.

The kind you burn I mean.

We didn’t get much, there was too much freaking snow, not really a ton of motivation, well not on my part at least. I had stupid runners on and not enough clothes or the right gloves.

But we had fun…and got some hilarious pictures.

So first off, I am making the disclaimer that I am not officially allowed to use a chainsaw. I am pretty sure that is my Dad’s rule. But I can sharpen the fuck out of one…and one day, I think Bruce might show me how to do it…so I don’t lose a limb. We will see. I am actually probably a lot safer just loading the wood into the truck. This is what I got to do today…

This took place AFTER the huge laughing fit I had at Bruce and Odie…

Ok…so I was laughing so hard I couldn’t get the camera out of my purse in time to take the pictures of Odie staying 4 steps ahead of Bruce, who was calling him and trying to make him come back so we could go. Odie doesn’t listen well. And hey, he got a free harness ride back to the truck. Obviously by the look on his face you can see he has been carried like this before. I am still giggling about it. And seriously, look at the look on Bruces face. Fucking hilarious.

We got a couple days worth of wood, had some laughs and the big dog Bailey got a hell of a run. She runs behind or sometimes in front of the truck. I know…but she is sleeping like the dead right now, and I am pretty sure she ran off a cookie or two.

I am now blogging while he is cooking me steak.

Ya, he cooks.

Ya, I am keeping him. Like probably forever.

No like for sure forever.

Just saying.

Happy Saturday night my friends.




18 thoughts on “Saturday Afternoon Shenanigans

  1. Emily

    First time at this blog, and the title certainly reminds me of…..”Cause I’m a redneck woman I ain’t no high class broad…I’m just a product of my raisin’ I say hey yall and yee-haw.” etc…..

  2. SpilledInkGuy

    Pretty sure I’d loose at least one arm operating a chainsaw, too. I’m that talented a lumberjack. So… the orange half is what does the cutting, right?!

  3. Barb

    Love that pic of Odie and Bruce with Bailey in the background. I’m happy for you Donna – contentment all around it seems!

  4. The Redneck Princess

    Happy weekend for sure :) we always have fun. And Robyn…I can blog about him cause he sort of doesn’t get the blogging theory. My advantage totally. Megan…I love you too baby, and thanks :)

  5. Megan

    I LOVE your bangs!!! Glad you broke your new years resolution. ;) You look beautiful baby! And Bruce is so stinking handsome! Sounds like you had a fabulous day. Yay, you! xoxo Love you bunches darlin’.

  6. Richard Wiseman

    Yeah we know why you aren’t allowed to use the chain saw; for the safety of that list of people that have annoyed you in the past right? Just kidding! Looks a lot of fun. Collecting firewood in the snow. It doesn’t get more like real life than that.

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