There is just no excuse…

There is just no excuse…

Once again.

I seem to be blogging about my lack of blogging more than I am actually blogging don’t I?

Well tonight Bruce is making me roast beef dinner. I tried to help, but he is bossy as fuck. So I did my Cinderella work and then got the hell out of the kitchen.

I am gonna blog instead.

And wait for my dinner to be served.

I am starving.

We are making yorkshire pudding too. My mouth waters in anticipation. I love Yorkshires.

I do have a funny blog to do about my hedge. You know the 20 foot one that blew down in the wind…

Bruce… a couple of weeks ago, started to chop the fallen down trees up. He did this while I was at work. Keeper? I think so.

I came home at five and he says to me, you will never believe what just happened.

He cut the tops of the trees off, which in turn made the trees apparently lighter, which then made the trees decide that they wanted to be standing up again.

See when they fell, they fell roots and all. So they are still alive and kicking, and now standing upright again. I was going to take a picture, cause the pruning job is hilarious. Especially considering it was supposed to be a firewood gig and not a pruning job.

On the bright side. I now have a hedge again.

On the down side, I found a lilac tree further down in my yard that fell over, same thing, too much water, no grip and leaning roots and all sideways. We are going to give it a haircut. Maybe it will follow suit with the firs and cedars right?

Well…this was our dinner.

I am freaking full. Apparently when you argue over how to do the yorkshire pudding, and whip each other with towels, they turn out better. Cause they rocked. I had three. Now I am full. And taking my old boy to bed…

Night all…happy Sunday night.

18 thoughts on “There is just no excuse…

  1. Dawn0977

    Hi Princess! I enjoyed reading your blog. Your so funny and you made me laugh. Love your yorkshires pudding look so delicious. I hope that you can share your recipe with us. Thanks and i’m looking forward on your next post.

  2. PrudenceLee

    Eating this yummy food, makes no excuses really! How could you? When you are there, enjoying while eating delicious menu on the table.

  3. Robyn

    Hmmmmmmmmm – all this happy eating could see you looking not as skinny unless you work it all off “later” as I assume you did after the whipping…..

  4. Heidi

    RNP, the scary connections between u and I continue. I was born in England…Yorkshire to be exact. So, I was raised on Yorkshire pudding!!!! Your dinner looks like what ended up on my kitchen table twice a week when growing up.
    I’m so glad Bruce is taking good care of u. Feels good don’t it? …Great grammar, Heidi.

  5. Annette

    That looks like a sinfully good dinner to me.

    On another note, maybe the tree has other plans. Bruce should have consulted it before doing anything.

  6. JanB

    Glad you found a keeper, but that makes me wonder what the DoubleUTeeEff happened to ‘the others’ lol. I happen to remember you once posted a pic of your shed with a shovel up front. Makes me wonder. ;)
    And blogging more? You’ll blog again when y’all get sick and tired of one and other. ‘) Take care, D.!

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