An unexpected day off in the middle of the week…

An unexpected day off in the middle of the week…

That’s right…I get a day off today. The weather here is sucking. Totally. I worked yesterday in the wind storm, and got all my work done. I was kind of wondering what the hell I was going to do today.

Apparently my boss was on the same page. She called me off this morning…I am ok with that.

I have had a pretty eventful morning already.  We are at the Courtenay pad today…so far I have  kept my boyfriend in bed way longer that I was supposed to, I am pretty sure he was going to be out of here by about 8:30 or so…it’s 9:15…ya, hear the snoring?

I nearly started a fire in the kitchen…


I was making coffee and somehow, I managed to touch the bottom of the plastic bag on the hot burner. Ya, coffee all over the stove, the floor and the counter. Expensive coffee, that I just bought yesterday. I saved some of it. Dumbass. I should mention that I don’t even have an excuse. I had already HAD two cups of coffee when I did that.

I also figured I should tell you about the Gibsons trip. I mean I totally said I was going to, and it’s already Tuesday.

We had fun.

My parents are nothing less than awesome, and totally hilarious.

Bruce was pretty nervous I think before we got there. He had absolutely no reason to be, my Mom says we are keeping him. He told me that he is keeping them as well, so I better behave myself or I am out. I take it that is a good thing…

As usual the ferry ride was Hellacious…I know that isn’t a word, but it totally fucking describes it.

I can’t believe that we pay absolutely outrageous amounts of money to use them as our highway, and yet they can discriminate against people that walk on and own dogs to the freaking MAX.

The dog rooms are awful. I have said this before.

This time, add one very cute but very insecure black lab named Bailey, and a wee dog named Odie, who loves people but doesn’t really care much for other dogs due to his pitbull mindset. He isn’t one, but he doesn’t really know that.

We ended up leaving them in the dog room unattended due to the fact that is was freezing, pitch black and had nowhere to fucking sit. Nice huh? The ferry guys were uncaring and somewhat bitchy…

I had an issue with that, but both Colton and Bruce said they wanted to leave before I tore into anyone. Luckily for the ferry guys, the one other ferry guy with not so bad of an attitude saved their lives…in hindsight they all should have got it.

We have made a promise to each other, to never travel while walking on, with the dogs, EVER AGAIN.

We had a fun visit, the weather was ok, not awesome but just ok. We got to go out on the boat, we got prawns…

They were delicious.

My Dad sent us home with more, they too are delicious. We still have three tubs left, and we are keeping them at Bruce’s so we don’t have to share. I am a cow that way.

The first morning was actually nice enough that I sat on the front porch with my coffee in my pj’s. I won’t post a picture of that, because well…no one needs that vision, but this was my view…

I should have took pictures of the lame dog cages on the ferry, but I didn’t. Sometimes I just don’t think.

I do have a picture of my boyfriend who was by the second ferry ride fairly grumpy…he wasn’t sleeping, he was on his phone. He wishes he was sleeping though, pretty sure.

But seriously other than the ferries, it was a great weekend. The drive home was much better than the ferries, there was rainbows…

A good thing right?

So now, I am off this damn computer, I am going to waste my day away, see if I can find a hairdresser in Courtenay that won’t scalp me ( I will let you know how that goes later) and go and buy some groceries for dinner. I am making something new tonight called Vietnamese Shaking Beef…I am also going to blog about that for next week. Hopefully it’s good.

Have a great day friends…love and miss you all!!!

16 thoughts on “An unexpected day off in the middle of the week…

  1. Lou

    Hey Hon, am only now just finally getting around to check out other blogs for the first time in months, if you can believe it. Just call me a selfish bitch. Of course I had to stop by yours to see what you’ve been up to. Looks like you took my advice, gave up on the daily blogging, and began having a life. Good for you! It’s a good thing. And ummm…what a handsome fella you got there. Oh, you go girl! :)
    I just wanted to touch base, let you know I was thinking of ya, and tell ya I miss ya. I’m so happy to see that things are going well for you!

    1. The Redneck Princess Post author

      Oh girl…so glad you stopped by!! I have backed it up, and am really happy!!! Life is really good for me right now, so I am running with it. Hugs and love to you Lou!

  2. Almira

    Well, unexpected or not, it is still a day-off. Make the most out of it, just like what other people say. And I think, you can never escape the fact that sometimes, there are just lame people leaving here on earth. Talk about the ferry guys. :) Hope you’re having fun! :)

  3. Marnie Byod

    It seems that you are having a very nice unexpected day off. I guess your boyfriend was sleeping that time. By the way I love the rainbow photo and nice share!

  4. sa

    You cant beat an out of the blue day off, it somehow feels more rewarding than a planned day off to me, its kind of like when you win something!

  5. Sandi

    Hey, long time!

    I don’t really have time to be spending on my blog and visiting other’s lately. School is so difficult for Gibson and seriously I’ve lost my mind. (Perhaps I’m not the best person to teach- no mind and all)

    Anyway…the A-Z got me to get some posts up, but my heart hasn’t really been in it..

    I don’t read for awhile and you don’t visit and the next thing I know…YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND. I’m like what’s this boyfriend crap… :) Now I have to scroll back like a million years to see your journey of when you first mention him, etc. Can you give me a hint of what posts you did about him so I can quickly catch-up?

    Summer is coming…are you ever coming to CA?

    Hugs and bugs,
    Lake Forest, CA USA

    1. The Redneck Princess Post author

      Hehehehe…I would love to come see you! I don’t know when though. Boyfriend is a keeper, I am totally in love :) Tell Gibson to behave or I am coming over there…hugs to all my friend, I am like you these days, very rarely on here, baddd blogger. Love you girl xoxoxo talk soon!

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