When gardening just can’t be any more awesome!

When gardening just can’t be any more awesome!

I love spring. You all know this right? I wait for it all winter and bitch about it when it doesn’t come fast enough.

Enough of that, it is finally here.  And I am full out ready.

Well mostly.

I am finding it a bit of a challenge having two places to garden. I know…poor kitten, but see the thing about having two households is this…

A) You can never remember where the fuck you have stuff. Like it is in the Courtenay house or the Campbell house that we have no milk? Or fertilizer, or toilet paper…

B) You always need something at the one house that is at the other. Like a sharp razor, or more Vodka.

C) One house has something way more cool that the other, like in Courtenay we have a green house, in Campbell there is a woodstove…anyways, you get my drift right?

So back to gardening.

In Courtenay.

We still have some of the same challenges here that I have in the River. Deer being the biggest one, and a big ass black dog walking through the garden as well. You would think one would cancel out the other, but for some reason they don’t seem to.

In Courtenay we have a greenhouse. Oh yes we do. It is a kick ass greenhouse too. Because my boyfriend is not only hot, is is smart too, and he builds stuff. We love that in a man right? Yes…

We have had a few wardrobe malfunctions with the greenhouse earlier in the season, but we seem to be past them now. And by wardrobe malfunctions I do NOT mean I have been accosted in the greenhouse, well not that I am telling you about anyways…I mean we had an issue with it getting so freaking hot in there that the glass pieces on the top of the roof slid off. Oh and in the big storm we lost a whole piece, thankfully it didn’t break and Bruce has finally managed to get it all back together again. Last night he got a fan hooked up so that we can regulate the heat when we are not here. 52 degrees Celsius is awesome when you are trying to cook shit…not so much when you are trying to grow things, and being back and forth so much it is hard to always make sure a window is cracked enough that everyone isn’t going to die.

I have never had a greenhouse before, so needless to say I am a little over enthusiastic. You know me right?

Here is what is going on so far…

The Scallopini Squash are coming along beautifully…I grew one plant of these last year. Not enough. This year I am doing this many in Courtenay and will plant straight in the garden at the Castle. They are amazing little squash that are to die for when you throw them on the barbeque with a little oil and spice!

Here is my Husky Tomato, which I am ashamed to say I bought in a competitors store and paid TWICE as freaking much for as I would have where I worked. I was being impatient and wanted to try a tomato now to see if it would survive at night yet in an unheated greenhouse. Here’s hoping…

My pickling cucumbers are coming along nicely, you can NEVER have too many of these, I seriously never even get out of the garden with them, nevermind end up pickling any :)

My arugula is already delicious and I have seeded more,  because yes, I could eat this and this alone for the rest of my life…

Now, I just need to go back to the Castle and see if I can actually find it underneath the now two foot long grass. I have to tell you, it is amazing to have someone to help me with it all. Bruce likes the ride on…mower I mean, which is awesome for me. I do the edges while he rides around :)

We are also getting rid of the pond. We have it half dismantled now, so the yard is mid disaster, but it will be awesome to have it gone. It was actually railway ties put OVER top of a concrete pond, nice huh? Instead of fixing things, they just covered shit up. I never liked it and it will make an awesome garden, maybe for one more fruit tree. I will post pics of that soon.

Well it is nearly ten, I have about a million things to do today.

Happy spring and happy gardening to you all!!

27 thoughts on “When gardening just can’t be any more awesome!

  1. Kathy Meyer

    You really have a wonderful garden. Your plants are very healthy and growing. I think you have a green palm and its really nice because everything you want to plant will surely grow well.

  2. Nancy Shmidt

    I must say that your green house looks so awesome. I will love to have one just like that. I bet you feel so proud about it.

  3. Heidi19

    I love your green house! i was thinking about the idea of starting a container garden, so this post came at the perfect time for me. Thanks!

  4. Emma

    I wish I had green house – or a big garden for that matter! The most i can do is grow in little pots.

  5. We're Jumpin'

    Ohh I love your green house and everything that is coming up. I bet you feel like a proud mama!
    I would have never thought about adding a fan, but completely makes sense.
    Can’t wait till I can get one.

  6. Karyn18

    At home, we have basil, cherry tomatoes, bell pepper and eggplant at our backyard. It’s good to have a little plantation.

  7. Ayesha

    I’ve always wanted a greenhouse but until now, I don’t have one in our backyard. But I do like gardening a lot. I think you’ve been doing great in the garden. Well, better use all the days of spring before summer come rushing and dry it all up! :)

  8. Heidi

    Your a garden is lookin’ good…so is life. I’m a novice gardner but my hubby and I are gonna give it a good go this year. I’d love to try that squash and the arrugala. Do you grow kale or collards?
    Keep on living :)

  9. Cindy

    I wish I had as much luck as you with your garden, everything that I have tried to grow recently has been attacked and eaten by black beastie things, really annoying. My herb garden is gone and now have to resort to buying the plants from the supermarket again, feels like a failure. I hope you don’t have that trouble.

  10. Kazsandra

    I love gardening and I have a very mini garden at my backyard.. I always visit it and even talk to my plants.. This is perfect!

  11. Marnie Byod

    Gardening is fun but here in the house I was not able to garden because the soil is not in fertile and I am very sad. By the way, enjoy and have a lot of fun in gardening!

  12. Richard Wiseman

    My wife has an allotment where she grows veg and we have a small garden where my wife grows stuff too. I don’t fight nature and find gardening a chore, but I get roped in to kill stuff, carry stuff and shovel any unwanted ‘shinola’. She does the expert stuff and I do any crap manual labour. Nature is there for me to sit on, look at and write poems about as far as I’m concerned. Still if it makes people happy I say let them; if ‘waters their seeds’ I say let them do it.

  13. laura

    i never understood the need to garden till i got my own little cottage and could plant bulbs. i was always so pleased when they actually grew! now I live in London there is no garden, but I try to keep my basil plant alive :)

  14. PiP

    What I’d give for a green house! You are so lucky. Those little seedling look really healthy and happy. :)

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