Camping and other great sports…

Camping and other great sports…

Well we did it.

And a good time was had.

We drank. Ate crap. Cut wood. Froze to death at night.

We toured around the mountains and saw this…





































I mean seriously. Who does this shit?

The mountain is raped and screaming.

There is at least 80% waste here. At least.

That means they are cutting down every single tree there is and taking about…..ya hardly anything out.

It’s brutal. Infuriating.

How this is still happening is beyond fathoming. But. Right here before our eyes…on the most beautiful island around…is the proof.

At least we are making good use of some of it. Easy pickings for our campfire pile.

But still…

And then when you drive past it. And head back to camp, you get this…


















And this is right in front of the camping spot.
















Amazing? I think so. With no phones. No noise.

Well other than the echo’s of the excavator. And the monkey screaming.


The monkey started out the trip as a pocket monkey with Bruce into Walmart. Well almost into Walmart. Bruce swears he remembered he was in his pocket before he went in the store. But there is absolutely no proof of that.

So the monkey ended up in the truck with us camping.

He was having an awesome time at first, him and the flashlight…dont ask. There are pictures, but they are bad monkey porn. So I withhold.

And then it was the fight between the dogs for the monkey. Both Lex and Bailey got a turn. The next thing we knew the poor monkey was treed. We are pretty sure he was faking.

And that he was drinking our booze.


We also toured around and found the biggest and most amazing Aqua duct. I have pics. But they are on my camera. I am blogging this from my phone, so I will post the pics later in the week. It runs for miles. All hand built and truly amazing. At the end of it all it goes to a generating station from miles up the hill. Very cool and a wee bit mind blowing.





















How the hell they pulled it off fifty years ago or so…boggling.

Who knew you could learn so much when you were half drunk and camping huh?

I swear I could have used a couple days more. Camping to recover from the camping.

It’s coming. We are definitely going again soon…

Even the tent part was awesome. Well except for the flat air mattress in the morning of the last day. We should probably get a new one.

Hard ground under your ass sucks. And not in a fun way.

I got a picture of Bruce and I together too…unfortunately, he is an ass. So the pic sucks. And its on my camera. I am going to post that later too, mostly because he told me not too. Maybe he will behave and take a nice picture next time huh?

Ya…probably not.

I love him anyway.

Have a wonderful week friends…keep smiling!!!


15 thoughts on “Camping and other great sports…

  1. stephanie

    I have always loved camping! Good ‘ole tent style camping! LoL…Love the pictures!

  2. Jenny Palmer

    The pictures are stunning. You must have had a great time on your camping trip that day.

  3. Alia Smith

    I have always loved camping especially in sports. It’s really a big fun…:)
    Thanks a lot sharing….

  4. Daniela Foster

    It is really hurting to see those illegal logging and people who don’t look forward to the environment. I really feel bad seeing this sort of photos of timbers. We must take good care of our environment because it is our home.

  5. Heidi

    I LOOOOOOVE camping! Hey the ugly pictures look like the jobsite pictures that Jake would have over there at Impact Reforestation. It truly is sad to see the dead blocks of land.
    Okay Donna, I have nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog Award”. I’m posting this on my site tomorrow. I love your work. It’s so alive, real, and refreshing. It’s too bad you went and got yourself such a wonderful life…cuz now you don’t post as often. Ba-ha-ha! Anyway, keep your eyes open on my next post!

  6. Crystal

    Mosquitoes and other bugs seem omnipresent when camping, and little can be done to avoid them completely. You can, however, take certain steps to keep the bugs away when camping and reduce their ability to ruin your good time..

  7. Karyle

    Camping is definitely fun and I have already tried it with the whole family and we just spent quality time with them..

  8. DynnaLou

    I am not really into great sports but I love camping especially if I am with my family and even together with friends.. It will always be fun!

  9. Barb

    Shame about all those trees but at least you had plenty of wood for the campfire!
    Sounds like you had a fabulous camping trip – just what you needed, the place looks awesome.

  10. Claire

    It was an interesting post. Glad to see ya’ll had a great time and enjoying life! Thanks that you’ve shared.

  11. Brend

    Glad to see ya’ll had a great time and enjoying life! Miss your blog posts but totally understand. Life happens :) Have a great day!

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