Phone blogging….

Phone blogging….

I know it never ends well…yet I continue to try. I can’t add pictures, well… not where I want them to go anyways.

Typing is a nightmare, and for some reason if I make a mistake I can’t. For the life of me. Fix it.

Go figure.

The auto correct will either get me divorced, spanked or unfriended.

Possibly all three.

Also. I don’t really have anything intelligent to say.

I just miss writing.

And all of you.

I hardly have four seconds to blog. Summer seems to be here, and having two houses is time consuming. We are getting shit done though.

I might actually get the wallpaper in our room in Courtenay finished today. Two months is a good time frame to get one tiny room wallpapered. Right?


Stop judging me.

I think we might have a plan for the pond rubble in my yard too…did I tell you we got rid of the pond?  Well we did. Sort of. It looks better as rubble than it did as a pond.


And I have decided I want a gazebo.

And a cow.

I might get the gazebo.

Bruce thinks the cow may not be the best idea. You know with the neighbours and the mooing and all.

Party pooper.

So I should go and get the day started and the wallpaper over with.

I think there is an ugly green awning coming down at the castle today. I will definately post pictures of that when it happens…

Happy weekend my friends :)


17 thoughts on “Phone blogging….

  1. Karylle

    I have never tried posting my blogs on iPhone because I might not post it the way I used to be.. Anyway, thanks for the reminder here..

  2. Ashleen Moreen

    Sounds like you are having a great time this weekend yet you too have some trouble in writing your post. Go on Princess, do whatever you want!

  3. Sonny Byron

    The pond of rubble’s are looking like a broken house which has destroyed in disaster. But the idea of pond of rubble’s is amazing.

  4. Barb

    Missing your witty posts Donna, but you are enjoying life and that’s what matters. You seem to be really busy with real life – yaaaaaay!

  5. Brenda

    Glad to hear you’re having a great time Donna! Miss your snarky blogs but I understand. Pop by when you can! :)

    1. Daniindrra

      Well they don’t call it “road tickles”. I’ve found that Albuquerque drirevs are already angry. At least I can have a laugh every now and then.One of the best moments was when Matt winked at a trucker to freak him out, and the trucker winked back! Matt stopped laughing and then immediately the trucker burst into laughter. It’s funny when people participate.

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