I’m too excited to sleep!!!!

I’m too excited to sleep!!!!

And we should be camping. But we are not. Because it’s freaking raining.


So maybe we go in the morning. If it ever stops.

But back to the reason why I am excited…

I got a job offer today. I am taking it.

I am staying at the garden center, don’t get all worked up…but starting in September, when the hours will be less at the store, I will be doing two days a week as receptionist at Frenchman Tattoo…that’s right. You heard me.

I am totally stoked.

Kat is taking a course to become a nurse, she is my tat artist’s wife. She does the job now. She can’t do both, well she actually probably could, but she has some insane stuff to study for, so I volunteered to be her replacement, and she accepted the offer.

So, in the next while I will be going in and learning the ropes.

And filling in the spaces when the winter time comes.

And learning new stuff.

Obviously I will be trying to work for money and not tattooes.

I really will try.

I can’t guarantee anything, you all know me right?

So let the training begin, and just be thankful that I can’t draw to save my life,  because the next thing would be for me to try and tattoo someone.

Bahahahahah…ok, that will never happen, like ever. My stick men even suck.

You are all safe on that front, I promise.

So I am going to go to bed, to dream of dry camping and new adventures to come…

Happy Weekend friends, enjoy Canada day if you are Canadian eh? Love to all and I will be back early next week with the camping shenanigans…


15 thoughts on “I’m too excited to sleep!!!!

  1. Hannah Walker

    You really have stressing day during your camping. For sure you are wishing to put your back in your bed to rest and take a sleep. Have a nice camping you have.

  2. Sarah Pearce

    It is really nice to get sleep. In fact, I want to get enough sleep. Due to my busy work I don’t have enough time to sleep on my bed. Now, I am aiming to sleep and have take a break from the office.

  3. Richard Wiseman

    I think if I was going to have a tattoo I might go for a stick man, but The Saint stick man with the halo; that’d be cool. Sounds all good stuff; have fun.

  4. Shania Wright

    I am very much happy that you got the job. I am as much as excited as you when I remembered when I got I got my first job. Keep up the good work.

  5. Dr Mim

    Sounds like a fab job Donna I am stoked for you! My new tatt starts on July 20th and I am really excited

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