Pictures and babbling…

Pictures and babbling…

It’s been a couple of crazy days. I have tried to stay away from the computer, mostly because I seem to be insanely electronically challenged right now. That is never good with me.

I have actually been a total clusterfuck for the last couple of days….sorry Dad.

My wee dog has been a concern today…Bruce took him into the vet for his ear infection check up, and he ended up having surgery.



But he is ok. He had something in his ear, that they thought was grass, knock the poor wee dog out and go in there, it is HAIR. I am not even kidding. Who the hell knew that hair could get in there and cost a million dollars worth of damage?

He is comatose on my living room floor right now. I keep poking him to make sure he is alive, all seems well.

I finally got a pic of the castle today without the awning…



























This is what we are up against in the yard…right now, just keeping up the the freaking mowing is consuming our lives, we will get to the removal of debris later…really we will.

After we get through Grad…and camping.

And driving the Mustang.

Oh yes we will.

Our veggie gardens are coming along beautifully too, check it out…











This is the old garden, it is planted in a big ass mess with everything coming up everywhere, I am experimenting you see…which way of gardening produces more food. Or stress. I pick the most bountiful and easiest. Here is the new garden, it is lovely and very organized…it might work out.











And this is my handsome son, working with Bruce on painting the bumper of his car…















He will kill me if he finds out I put a picture of him on here, so no finking.

I get in enough trouble as it is.

I also want to wish my lovely Dad a happy birthday on here today, right now, even though it isn’t his birthday yet.

Happy Birthday Poppa…we all love you so much. We are blessed every single day to have your wisdom and your love and to have you as the Boss of Us. xoxoxo

Have a great week my friends, we are heading out camping for the long weekend, but I am sure we will have some funny material and maybe a picture or two upon our return…



6 thoughts on “Pictures and babbling…

  1. Megan

    Looks like a great place and I think, when I am in this place, I will just enjoy my time here and relax whole day..

  2. Barb

    Both your vegie patches look good – at least you have stuff growing in them! Mine is empty as yet – lots of preparation in hand!
    Hope your dog recovers and is back on his feet again soon.
    Thanks for the pics, I think your place looks good.

  3. Richard Wiseman

    Yeah you have to admire those vets for not jumping up and down excitedly and rubbing their hands, or even flicking through a Mercedes catalogue, as they hand back your unconscious, shaved pet and proffer you the bill!

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