Tat update…it’s just all I’ve got.

Tat update…it’s just all I’ve got.

Good evening my loves :) hopefully everyone is having a safe and fun Saturday night.

Tonight when I was mowing the lawn I realized I still hadn’t posted the pics of the house without the awning or the new garden. I then got sidetracked and never did get the damn picture taken.

I did get the lawn mowed before it rained.

I did get many things moved around and planted.

I promise the next time the sun is out, I will take the pics.

For tonight…I have a tat pic..

As usual, we aren’t ever going to be finished.

Kat and Jacques have informed me…I am their retirement plan.

They are probably mostly right.

I had one more flower added on to the front of my arm too. I don’t have a pic of that yet. As you can tell in the following shot, it was not appropriate for me to around.

I have lines that I won’t cross you know….

Shut up!!!!!! I do. Really.

Anyways…here is the first pic and I need to go to sleep.


Happy weekend peeps!!!!


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